Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Ever wanted to make a great speech before ordering your army to charge? Now It's possible! Use Battle Speech mod to give inspiring speeches before the battle. Motivate yourself, feel that immersive battle experience even before the battle started!

Permissions and credits
You are on your horse, breathing slowly, looking at the mighty enemy army that is standing in front of you. Then you are looking at your fellow soldiers, who followed your orders without any second thought in your Campaign against these barbarians. You know that this is the last time you are looking at many of your soldiers. Many of who you don't even know their name.
You are slowly approaching to the first line, you want to say something.. but... Bannerlord doesn't have that feature! But worry not, now with General Speech Mod, you can do your speeches, get into the proper general mood in no time!

  • Battle Speeches. Once you install the mod, it automatically enables the battle speeches. You don't need to do anything else to activate it. There are some configs you can adjust, but I will explain that later.
    • Culture Sensitive Speeches - Culture-based means, if your culture is Battania, you will speak in a different tone and culture. Currently, we have Battania, Aserai and Empire. If you are not any of this, it will fallback to no culture style. NOTE: If you enable this, you will automatically disable points below this, because they can't co-exist to prevent voice change in the middle of the speech. 
    • Terrain Specific Speeches - If you are on rocky terrain/hill, your speech will mention about this. If you are on forest or swamp, your speech will change based on that.
    • Enemy Type Specific Speeches - If your enemy is Looters or Bandits, your speech will be different. If your enemy is Battania, it will be also different. This is solely random. It can be either of these three options ( terrain, enemy, situation )
    • Situation Specific Speeches - If you are on a bad shape - like enemy have too many troops in the battle, your speech will be different. If you have too many troops compared to your enemy, you will also have more insulting speech.

Configurations is a simple JSON file located in the main mod folder. You can simply change its contents with a text editor.
PopUp - Can be either true or false. This changes the pop up before the battle. If you want to walk among your soldiers or ride your horse in front of them, set it to false.
CultureSensitive - Can be either true or false. Explained above. Since you are not able to change your initial culture, perhaps you want to disable this ( I.e. started Battanian but joined Aserai dressed as Aserai and with solders. But still speaking like Battanian
MinimumSoldierCount - Can be any number. This is the minimum soldier count for your speeches. If your army count is below that number, it will act like normal Bannerlord battles.
MinimumEnemyCount - Can be any number. This is the minimum enemy soldier count for your speeches. This disables funny courageous speeches that you make to your 900+ soldiers for 10 looters.

Future Plans and Needs
Currently, all speeches are kinda borrowed. If you are a voice actor, if you think we can increase/populate more and more unique speeches for Bannerlord, I would very much like to add them into the game. I think adding more and more speeches, for special situations, with companions etc, we could increase the fun and battle feel.
I'm also planning to specialize speeches based on the soldier type you have - like too many archers, too many cavalries etc.

Currently, all the sounds are from Rome Total War. This should goes without saying but you have absolutely no right to use it in commercial purposes. However, I didn't extract them directly, it's from this Youtube user 
If there are any copyright issues, please contact me directly so that I will take it out.