Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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It makes you can upgrade militias to each major faction's minor faction troop.

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New Mod uploaded.
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My MTO is based on this MTM mod. So there is an optional files named 'MTO without brotherhood'. That is enhanced mod of MTM 1.0.2 and same with 1.1.0.

   1. Nerf overall new troops' skill point. - When It compares to vanila troops, my troops are much stronger(because of higher skill points and high-end weapon and armors).    T3 - to 370 / T4 -  to 420 
Vanila Game nerfed minor faction troop's level(26 to 21). I also changed T3 troops level to 21 and rebalanced stat(not just copy and paste,  make their own strength). Furthermore Some of them have T4(Lv.26) in their troop tree.
 3. Some minor faction troop's occupation is now set as a mercenary so you can hire them in tavern.
 4. Armed Traders were good for wasting your money. Even they were 16level, they had 6 level skill points. so I made them level 11 and gave them 11Lv-skill points. also you can upgrade them to minor faction troop in their culture.

  1. Fixed cause of crash - T6 Brotva's Formation was written as a 'Infantary' not 'infantry'. it caused crash when put your mouse on your charchter or lords who has this unit on map.
  2. Add missing throwing knife for T6 Mercenary Sword man .

  • Extract and put new file in Module folder and overwrite existing file

  1.  compatible with 1.4beta
  2.  crash fixed.
  3.  added 9 T6 Minor faction troops and 2 T6 mercenary troops with new weapon. - hard to gather so could be a little OP ;) 

It gives you more benefits from not only siege but on Village raid.
 or If you want to play game with minor faction troop(e.g Brotva or Triari). but it's hard to gather them.
 now with this mod you just raid village with mace or morningstar on your hand 
 and knock down those worthless(it was) militias.
They can be useful from now.

Troop Tree

Empire - Hidden hand, Legion of the betrayed, Eleftheroi and Guardians

Battania - Wolfskin and galloglass

Sturgia - Lake Rats, Skolderbrotva and Forest People

Vlandia - Golden Boar and Brotherhood of the woods

Aserai - Beni Zilal, Jawwal and Ghilman

Khuzait - Karakuzaits

I didn't touch anything but militia so
 I'm almost sure that your mod doesn't touch militia ;)
   + 1.0.1 added T6 mercenaries. so you should check it.