Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Allows you to grant fiefs to your vassal clans and create new clans for your companions.

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Have you found Bannerlord's new system of handing out fiefs to be severely limited?
As you've conquered more and more of Calradia, have you tried distributing your new lands evenly and efficiently among your vassals so they can properly administer and defend them, only to be dismayed when your chosen vassal wasn't one of the three election candidates?
Have you managed to conquer many cities and castles after founding your kingdom, and was annoyed that you couldn't relinquish your own holdings once you persuaded other clans to join you?

This mod attempts to address all these issues, by mostly bringing back the old Warband system of handing out fiefs.

How it works
For existing vassals
First, you need to rule your own kingdom and have your clan own more than one walled settlement (city or castle).
You need to talk to a member of one of your vassal clans (not a mercenary clan and not your own clan!). It doesn't matter if they're the leader of the clan or a junior member.
If you meet the requirements, you will have a new dialog option: "I am granting a new fief to your clan."
You will then see a list of cities and castles that either belong to your own clan or have just been conquered and are under "auction". Selecting one will immediately transfer control over to the vassal clan and cancel any pending "auctions" involving it.

Note: You can still use the vanilla "auction" system just as before.

For companions
Again, you need to rule a kingdom and have your clan own more than one walled settlement.
You need to talk to a companion (not a family member!). It doesn't matter if they're in your party or leading their own party.
You also need an amount of influence (default is 500), that you will spend to create a new clan.
If you meet the requirements, you will be able to propose making them your vassal and granting them a settlement.
You will then see a list of cities and castles that either belong to your own clan or have just been conquered and are under "auction".
When you select a fief, a new tier 2 clan will be formed with your companion's culture and the fief will be transferred to it. The companion will be removed from your clan and become the leader of their new clan.
If the companion led their own party, they will keep it. If they were in your party, a new party will be created for them with a minimal amount of troops. In the latter case, you might want to give them some food and money to help get them on their feet.

Relation effects
For granting fiefs
Similar to the Warband system, your relationship with your vassals will be affected by handing out fiefs. The system works as follows:

Each settlement has a "development factor". This is 0 for villages, 2 for castles and 3 for cities by default.
Clans of higher tiers expect to hold more lands than clans of lower tiers. The effect this has on relation loss, the "tier expectation factor" , is 1 by default.

When you grant a fief to a vassal, the following relation changes take place:
You gain [(granted fief development * 2) + summed bound village development] relation with the recipient clan.
You lose [(total recipient clan development - total other clan development) + (other clan tier - recipient clan tier) * tier expectation factor] relation with every other clan if the calculation equals a positive number. The maximum relation loss is 5 by default.

If you distribute your lands evenly among your vassals, taking their tier into account, you should have no trouble. If, however, you show favoritism and feed one of your vassals more than their fair share, or neglect a new vassal with no lands, you will be hated for it.

For creating a new clan
The nobles of Calradia will not take it lightly when you hand out titles to commoners. Creating a new clan from a companion will reduce your relation with all noble clans in Calradia by a default of 2. For your own noble vassals that you've convinced to join you, the relation will decrease by a default of 5 instead. Ascended companion clans will not mind if you create more of them.

The relation effect system is meant to loosely emulate Warband and provide some realism and balance to your kingdom management. You are free to turn it off in the config if you feel it's too much of a hassle.

The only conflict I've found is with the Warband Quotes mod. If this mod is loaded before mine in the load order, the game will crash on startup. Mine is not the only mod this conflicts with, so I recommend you load Warband Quotes last if you use it.

Otherwise, this mod should be compatible with all other mods really, but don't consider my words infallible. If you think you've found a compatibility issue, drop a comment here and I *might* look into it.

Future changes
  • Get the new dialog option to not show at the bottom.
  • Make the relation changes configurable in an in-game menu
  • Add support for localization
  • Have your first party member ask you who you wish to grant a newly conquered fief to after a successful siege, just like in Warband.
  • Have a minister that can deal with this rather than talking to the lords directly, just like in Warband. This could expand the scope of the mod to something greater.
  • Allow you to grant fiefs to your companions thus having them form a new vassal clan.
  • Allow the player to set the name and banner of clans they create from companions