Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Clicking "I'm here to deliver you my demands!" adds an additional option for the player to challenge Lords to a 1v1 duel.

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You may not have the wealth or power of the Lords of Calradia, but that shouldn't stop you from asserting your dominance. Challenge the Lords to a Duel to test your strength.

Starting a Duel causes both your party and the other participant's party to revert to only you and them, for a 1v1 battle. If the player changes their mind, or goes through with the battle, the troops will be restored to both parties afterwards. However on the initial release, both the player and the other participant can be taken prisoner after the Duel, and their troops will be forfeit in that situation. Dueling does not start a war with the other participant's clan.

Lords will decline to Duel if any of the following conditions are met:

They have negative Valor or Honor traits.
They or the player are in an Army.
They are too close to another Lord's party. (prevents others from joining)
They are too close to a Settlement. (prevents militia/garrison from joining)
They are not at full health.


Install with Vortex and enable the mod.
Open the Launcher, and go to the Mods tab.
Enable "Duels" and make sure that it loads after the initial modules.


This mod is a work-in-progress.
Additional features coming soon, as well as numerous fixes.