Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Better horn sounds for the mod: Horn On Orders. Replaces the tired and dull native horns for much better ones from Total War: Rome 2. I sifted through ~1500 .wem files to find the clearest, loudest and most fitting horns to replace the nine native horns.

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1.01 update: I realized the .bank conversion was not done at 100% quality. Please re download if you got the initial release. Sorry everyone!

The mod Horn On Orders by echoreccon is really awesome, but currently it is hampered by the native horn sounds it uses in the game which are pretty sucky. The mod author has stated that they are looking into ways to replace the sounds without editing the .bank files, but until then, we can now enjoy these excellent horn sounds from Total War: Rome 2 that I've replaced and recompiled in
I sifted through about 1500 randomly numbered .wem files to find the very best horn sounds from Rome 2 to replace the nine native horn sounds used in Horn On Orders.

This is a little comparison of the horns replaced. It should be pretty easy to tell the new spicy ones from the sad tired vanilla horns!

The new horns in action!


Make a backup of from the main folder of the game (Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Sounds\PC\ This mod replaces the vanilla file, so you will probably want a backup of it so that you can go back to vanilla easily (you can always verify your files but that would remove all your other mods (if you have any) in your native folders.

Replace the file.

That's it. Obviously you also want to install Horn On Orders so you hear the horns after giving orders. Big ups to echoreccon for making such an excellent mod, and with this audio tweak it really adds something extra into your battles.

Recommended mod: Responsive Soldiers - makes the soldiers yell after orders.

@ echoreccon  I hope you continue your efforts to evolve your mod, this .bank edit is mainly a bandage fix for the time being. If you can add more control and add extra horns into the game, I have a lot more audio files that could be used!