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AutoBlocker allows players to choose from a variety of block styles for both their weapon and shield.

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This mod aims to give players a wide array of options when it comes to choosing a blocking style that fits their needs.


You have 2 methods of configuration based on version:
  1. For any version before 1.0.9: Open the config from Bannerlord's start menu.
  2. For 1.0.9 and beyond: Use MCM (Mod Configuration Menu) to modify the config.

You have 10 configuration options:

Weapon Block Styles:
  • Off - Uses Bannerlord's blocking settings.
  • Constant - Automatically blocks incoming attacks whenever you aren't attacking.
  • Hold - Holding the block button will automatically defend against incoming attacks.
  • Drag - Defends in the direction your mouse moves while holding the block button. Sensitivity settings are available
which allow you to adjust how much you need to move the mouse in order for the block direction to change.
  • Move - Holding block and moving in any direction, will cause your character to block in that direction without having to click (i.e., forward = up,
back = down, left = left, right = right -- in priority order).
  • OnClick(Warband) - Emulates the automatic blocking from Warband. Blocks in the direction your immediate enemy is attacking from whenever
you click the block button. When no enemies are present, blocks are always down.

Shield Block Styles:
  • Off - Uses Bannerlord's blocking settings.
  • Default - Uses current Weapon Block Style behaviour.
  • Always Blocking Down - Forces the shield to always block down.
  • Block Down When No Focus Enemy - Always blocks down when when there aren't any immediate threats. When an enemy is nearby, uses standard Bannerlord block behaviour.


  1. This mod requires (as of 1.0.9) >>Mod Configuration Menu<< to function, so follow the instructions for that then place the AutoBlocker folder inside of your Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules folder.








Important Note On Game Crashing/Not Loading When Starting Up:
If you are having troubles with the game crashing on startup, there have been several reports that installing AutoBlocker with Vortex solves it. Also, try to make sure there are no other mods conflicting with AutoBlocker(Although, there isn't much to conflict with..). In addition to that, you can try modifying AutoBlocker's SubModule.xml file and remove <Official value="false"/>. Besides that, please make sure to go into Autoblocker>bin>win64_shipping_client, right click AutoBlocker.dll, click on properties, check the unblock box, then hit apply. As always, please post any bugs you encounter, and that includes crashes/stuttering/freezing/etc.

If all else fails, and your game still won't load with AutoBlocker installed, please go to your [ProgramData\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\crashes\], select the most recent crash(Should show the version in the crash report, just before you'd send it to TaleWorlds) and copy/paste the contents of stack.txt into a bug report. FYI -- The ProgramData folder is normally hidden(Open FileExplorer, click the 'view' button in the upper left, then check the 'Hidden Items' button).

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message on NexusMods, TaleWorlds forums, or the Bannerlord Modding Discord @Menthus. Thank you!