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This mod adds additional upgrade options to various troop trees that were lacking in unit variety. Additionally, it connects the minor faction tree troops trees to their respective cultures' armed traders and militia spearman (in the case of the Beni Zilal and Hidden Hand).

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The vanilla game adds only a limited selection of troops to each tree. This mod aims to remedy that with increasing the roles covered in various troop trees as well as introducing new, unique high tier units to each tree that are equivalent to noble unit strength. Inspiration for additions in these 

I plan on adding to Expanded Troop Trees over time, continuing to fill empty niches in each culture. The goal is to give each culture's commoner troop tree ([FACTION] Recruit) a unique specialized unit that is a tier above the rest, similar in strength to the corresponding noble tree's ultimate unit upgrade.

Example: Master Thug->Outrunner

In addition, each noble troop tree will receive a divergent path.

Example: Battanian Hero->Depraved Battanian Warrior->Battanian Ghoul or Blood Soaked Battanian


This is my first experience with file editing. I used the Custom troops template-tutorial to create it.

I highly suggest using this mod with the Armor Does Something mod to make units (and yourself) less dependent on shields to survive.

Compatible with pretty much anything that doesn't alter troop trees. Will most likely not be affected by updates. It can be added to an existing save without issue but I don't suggest removing it as I'm unsure of what would happen to Expanded units in that save.

Features and flavor below:



The Headsman is a soldier that was inspired by the Vlandian Sergeant. Sturdy armor and a deadly two handed weapon but without the incorrect stats and extra weight of a shield and spear that the AI can't figure out how to use.

The Armor Breaker is intended to be used as a high tier unit killer. For this purpose, he carries javelins and a mace. Best used in a mix with melee focused units as his skills highly favor throwing.

The Rough Rider is what many players end up as when they discover how fun swinging a Menavlion from horseback is. Competent on foot and in clashes with cavalry.

The Battle Brother is a more seasoned Hired blade with equipment more representative of working as a sellsword for many years in various locations. His weakness is his lack of versatility and mixture of mid tier gear but he makes up for it with superior skill.



The Vlandian Militant is inspired by early crusaders. Except with crossbows. While dissimilar in appearance to the common image of those holy warriors, the Militant shares their fervor and martial prowess. They wear loot from defeated Aserai to better weather the foreign climate and eschew shields as such items only inhibit swift judgement.

The Vlandian Zealot is a Militant that has survived multiple campaigns into the lands of heretics, gathering greater loot and skills along the way. They could maintain and reload a crossbow in their sleep.



The Depraved Battanian Warrior is a noble warrior that has succumbed to bloodlust. They think of nothing but battle and have allowed their person to become disheveled in their fixation on killing. Invaders close in on their homeland but few will live to tell the tale of these brutal men. Knife chucker.

The Blood Soaked Battanian is a man who revels in death. He enjoys the feel of the warm crimson spatter that drenches his stained armor, hacking limbs with ease and spreading carnage wherever he treads. Axe chucker.

The Battanian Ghoul is the stuff of nightmares. He has discarded his shield, gaining sick delight from injury and inflicting it tenfold upon any that might engage him. The man appears to act more like a sinister creature, howling and shouting in unknown tongues as he rushes to enemy lines. Javelin Chucker.

The Battanian Warden holds the line with a massive rectangular shield and an iron will. His short spear makes him effective at fighting off infantry and cavalry alike. Doesn't chuck anything.



The Imperial Champion is a soldier that has learned to prefer enlistment over life as a landed citizen. They've returned after earning a retirement to continue to serve the empire. Champions are absolute cavalry killers, being unburdened by extraneous weight and equipped with deadly polearms.



The Sturgian Marksman rains death upon his foes with a hail of arrows, not unlike his descendants in Warband. Sturgian troop tree underwhelming? He's a poor man's Fian.

The Prince's Orphan is a soldier chosen for his affinity with riding and the massively destructive bardiche (regionally, the Executioner's Axe, for its popular usage in executions for political dissidents). Rides fast horse, swings big weapon, looks cool as heck. What else do you want from me?



The Outrunner is a thug tasked with delivering messages, gathering protection money from nearby villages, and escorting gang VIPs outside of city walls. He's a typical shield and lance fella.

The Outrunner Sellsword is a thug that has decided to make some extra money on the side through freelance work, including intercepting messengers and ambushing caravans. He's found that a shield only weighs him down and that the faster his quarry dies, the faster he gets paid.

The Outrunner Warlord has saved up plenty of coin over years of unscrupulous work under the employ of lords, mercenary captains, gang leaders, and even manhunters when the jobs would slow. Now, he can afford to hire similarly roguish types and organize jobs of his own. Or perhaps he'll just buy a shiny new lance so he can keep doing what he loves best; killin' and stealin'.

The Reformed Bruiser has seen the error of his ways. He spent his youth pickpocketing and killing folks who caught him pickpocketing. He wishes to enlighten others of his ilk. Whether they like it or not.

The Reformed Enforcer IS THE LAW! He knows where to find the vermin that hide from the light and he will force them to comply by means of mace to the face. His shield guards him from impurity and his sword arm incapacitates criminals to turn in their bounties because a man's gotta eat, after all...



The Aserai Thrall is a villager that was taken as a slave during raids by Aserai traders and lords. They are used for labor and defense in Aserai villages and cities but may occasionally be recognized for their potential as soldiers.

The Aserai Conscript is a thrall that has earned better equipment and wages instead of only rations. He longs for his home and so fights savagely to save up and buy his freedom.

The Aserai Bodyguard no longer knows what home is. He has been awarded a space among a noble retinue for his martial prowess. It fills his purse but not his heart. His freedom means little when there are battles to be won.


Planned Features:

Empire Vigla becomes Empire Subject, with divergent paths of vanilla Empire Cataphract and an alternate Empire Auxiliary (two handed weapons)