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Adds a quickload button as well as a configurable amount of rotating, dedicated quicksave slots for all your save scumming needs.

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Normally, when you quicksave by pressing 'F5' or by using the 'Save' button in the pause menu the game overwrites your most recent manual save. This mod changes this behavior so the game will now save to a configurable number of dedicated quicksave files. The files will rotate with the oldest being overwritten when you reach the maximum number of quicksaves. By default that number is 3, but it can be easily changed in the BetterQuicksaveConfig.xml file located in the ModuleData folder. You can also quickload the latest quicksave with a bindable key (by default 'F10'). You are able to quickload from within combat/dialogue as well.


Place the  BetterQuicksave folder into your Modules folder that's in your game installation directory. Alternatively use Vortex. After that, simply activate the mod in the game launcher.


You can remove/disable the mod without issue. Your quicksave files will remain and be treated as normal manual saves by the game. If you reinstall/re-enable the mod it will recognize any previous saves made with the mod (or any save named like quicksave_XXX).


The configuration file is located here:
[Game Install Location]/Modules/BetterQuicksave/ModuleData/BetterQuicksaveConfig.xml

Change to whatever number of quicksave slots you'd like. Note that save files are ~50MB each and get bigger as the game progresses.

Choose the name prefix used for quicksaves (e.g. quicksave_ will result in names like quicksave_001). Some special characters aren't allowed and will be stripped out. If MaxQuicksaves is set to 1, this will just be used as the filename.

Choose which key you want bound to quickload. By default this is F10 (represented by 68). You can find a full list of key codes here (ignore the weird numbers to the right). Be careful with this as it will use that key regardless of what it is bound to in game. The quicksave key can be bound normally in the game options.

Choose whether each of your characters has their own quicksave slot(s). The character's name will be added to the save name (ex. Name ClanName quicksave_001).


Game crashes at start up
Go to [Game Install Location]/Modules/BetterQuicksave/bin/Win64_Shipping_Client/ and right click each DLL file, click 'Properties', and then press the 'Unblock' button.

If you are still having issues and are using multiple mods, make sure all of your installed mods' SubModule.xml files have the following lines:
<Official value="false"/>
<DependedModule Id="Native"/>
<DependedModule Id="SandBoxCore"/>
<DependedModule Id="Sandbox"/>
<DependedModule Id="CustomBattle"/>
<DependedModule Id="StoryMode" />

Can't load saves
This mod was designed with save compatibility in mind and so only touches the filename of quicksaves. It won't impact your ability to load saves. If you're having issues loading saves, it's very likely a result of another mod or a game patch. From my own experience, and from what other users have said about this issue, there are certain mods that make your saves depend on that mod. Check the mod pages of other mods you have installed to see if others are having an issue with saves.


This mod uses Harmony to patch the game files and so should be compatible with pretty much everything, and will most likely be compatible with future game updates unless TaleWorlds makes changes to quicksaves.

Source Code

The source code can be found here.