Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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About this mod

A overhaul to aesthetically improve the looks and immersiveness of all factions troops. The focus has been to make them as "realistic and alive" looking medieval troops as game allows me to, while keeping they're "cultural style", but there are limited options to do so. See for yourself in the screenshots.

Permissions and credits
** Unfortunately i will no longer have time to update this mod due to family matters. That beeing said, i don't see any reason this mod should stop working with future updates,  but there may be balancing issues. Either way, for the moment i won't be continuing working on this mod or fix any issues should they occur.

** Luckily, Avareee have taken over the project and created a full unit and balancing overhaul of this mod. Balanced Armies of Calradia. Big shoutout to people like him for doing a great job and who continue working when others can't.

I hoped for cool looking Nords in Bannerlord, instead i got sturgians with circus pants and carnival Ulfhednar. This started as a simple xml edit replacement to improve the Sturgian troops and giving them Norse looks in my AnotherTroopCustomization "mod", and have now evolved into a modular full troop overhaul of all the major factions and the mercenaries. I therefor tought the mod deserved an facial upgrade. 

The focus has been to make it as lore friendly as possible and somewhat "realistic" troops while keeping they're cultural base game identity. Well, except from Sturgia ofcourse who is heavily Norse emphasized except they're noble troop tree.

It's ofcourse all based on just personal preference and there are thousands of different opinions out there, this is mine. So keep that in mind before you fire off in the comment section that you hate fur or why i haven't given all aserai units golden outfits with 4 polearms. Hopefully you'll find something you like and grace me with an endorsement.

** Big thanks to BenjiG91 for allowing me to incorporate hes Hallow Plate Armor into this mod. Give that guy some endorsment for adding new armor to the game **

** Please read information further down**

Main file: 
  • Unzip the content into your Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules folder or install with Vortex
  • Save game compatible.
  • Mainline 1.4.1 and Beta 1.4.2 compatible
  • Optional files containing each separate faction available. So you can combine with other troop mods.

Optional file:
  • Manual file replacement. Extract the snpccharaxter.xml file into your SandBoxCore/ModuleData folder and replace the original file.
  • Remember to back up your original file and save it somewhere safe. That way you can always change back to the original if you'd like. No problems.
  • Can be used together with the main file and save game compatible ofcourse.

Whats the difference between the two options?
  *Read spoiler*                                      


At this stage of the game there is no perfect way to create modules for troop replacement as i'm aware of. You have to create additional custom troops. This method is commenly used by other troops mods aswell. Only a manual xml replacement completly remove old troops. 

  • The way this and similar troop mods works is that the base game recruits and noble recruits can ONLY upgrade/ level up to the new troops in the mod. Also the custom troops can only level up to the higher tier custom troops. That applies to both AI and the player.
  • That means the base game troops are still in the game as you see in the encyclopedia and the army parties of Ai Lords have their starting base game troops.
  • So it will take some time for AI Lords to build up armies with the NEW troops. That goes for towns and settlements also. On saved games the AI have bigger armies and will use longer time to replace them i would asume.
  • Village/town base game recruits and noble recruits can ONLY level up to the new troops.
  • Base game higher tier village/town recruits can still be found since they are still in the game but i've seen both old and new troops in my limited testing.
  • Excisting base game troops ABOVE recruits/noble recruits can not level up to the new troops.
  • Do not remove this mod if you have the custom troops in your party. It will crash your game when opening party menu.
  • If you're allready using the main file All Factions on your save game, you can not switch over to a one faction only module on current save game. 

Trouble shooting

  • Make a new save before start adding/recruit custom troops. If you remove the modular with custom troops in your party the game crash when opening party menu. I have had limited time to test, so i do not know if it effect the AI aswell. If you use the replacement xml you don't have to worry about this.

  • 9 out of 10 bugs/crashes/wierd behavior is due to mod conflicts. This mod alone will not crash your game. That beeing said, i edited so many lines in the xml lately that my eyes bleed, so i don't rule out that i have made any errors. Everything works fine in my playtrough.

  • Main file is not compatible with other troop mods. The optional separate faction modules can be combined with other troop mods who doesn't touch that faction. 

  • Use a custom launcher. I recommend: BannerLord Mod Launcher. Try switching up the load order (I recommend putting mine below most other mods). Alternatively try my mod higher up.

  • Disable or remove other troop mods and/or other mods who edits the spnpcharacter.xml

  • It's been reported that BannerPeasants create wierd outfits on the units and missing troops. Use Bear my Banner. It works for me.

  • I am no real modder, just a lowtier xml editor who happend to manage to create a module. So if i'm not experiencing the same problem as you i will probably have limited options to solve your problem, nor do i have the time on my hands to start research/solve conflicts. (Unless other mod authors spell how to do it for me). But again, if you experience a problem it's MOST likely a conflict with another mod or TalesWorld updated the game and broke everything. 


  • I have not really focused on balancing the troops but tried to made them astetichly better looking. But i did not turn a complete blindeye to balancing and should be decent after the 1.2 update. 

  • Sturgia are buffed so they are actually the strongest infantry as the game intended. The rest of the factions have for the most part base game skill values.

  • Archers are insanely overpowered in this game. And now in this mod Vlandia have them and Battania have more of them. Even without this mod i STRONGLY recommend ranged balance mods such as Armor Does Something and also Healt Rebalance to keep bows from beeing machineguns.


  • If you are like me and hate how the troops looks with bright colors i strongly advice to use subtle banner colors for best looking troops. Or check out this mod.
  • A big thanks to Varkom for encouraging and giving me motivation to make a module ;)
  • People have asked for compatibility between my mod and the Noble Troop mod. Thanks to AshZey who went along and made a hybrid/merge/compatibility patch, that is now a possibility. Available for download from both he's and my mod page. Head on over and give that guy some endorsement for the work!

  • Most units have 2 to 3 equipment variations, so the screenshot you see of of each unit in the party screen eventho it show only 1 variation,  have more variations in their gear. Would just take forever to print screen them all.
  • Yes the different cultures share some few armors as the base game offers limited amount of good looking armors.