Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

About this mod

Adds a new troop tree based on warriors of Ancient Greece. Replaces 40% of Imperial recruits from settlements and cities, so you can still recruit regular imperials. Not recruitable by AI unless you manually change it.

Permissions and credits
The Myrmidons

This mod is an edit from Eastern Roman Troop Tree by Comrade711.

I've added custom weapons and armour to suit the Greek warriors, I also include a xml from Holster Adjustments by NeIH that I edited to change the Javelins position on the back.

This mod is meant to be played at the highest difficulty, but please come with feedback on balancing the mod.

Beware the 'crouch' whilst wearing the Tunic... -Homer

The landscape of Ancient Greece meant that cavalry was a rarity in the greek armies and instead they relied heavily on their infantry warriors, the Hoplites. Through intense training and advanced war tactics with the masterful phalanx the heavily armoured Hoplites were an intimidating force. Only those not fit to be hoplites would be enlisted as cavalry. I've tried to show this by keeping cavalry at higher tiers, and all trained infantry are equipped with javelins and their lifelong commitment to combat shows when their prowess in combat easily surpass that of their enemies.
The adolescent greek would be introduced early to physical stress and as a 17yr old Hepheboi he'd be enlisted to start his training. Therefore the first recruits are teenagers, I hope you find that realistic and somewhat humorous..

Whilst riding a mare, you ought be aware, not to look "down there"... - Sokrates


Obviously this game has no true greek armours, so for now we have to make do with what we have. My hope is that some gifted individual will create and upload true greek cuirasses, greaves and the helmets.. Oh god the helmets.....

 Illyrian      Thracian      Chalcidian      Corinthian      

Please make it so, and I will add these to my mod, if permission is granted ofcourse..

1. Requires ATC - Adonnay's Troop Changer. If you play 1.3Beta choose his 1.3.7. If you play earlier, use his 1.3.5.
2. Follow his instructions. I recommend using the scan function which I find to be the easiest.
3. Load a save, or create a New Game. Wait a couple of days (1-3 ingame days) and the Hepheboi should start appearing, eager to be recruited in imperial settlements.

Why is his butt showing?! - Baby Plato

Known issue:

1. Please tell me about mod incompatibilities

If your game crash, make sure:

You have the correct ATC version.
You have unblocked all DLL's.
Try to install manually and make a clean install.

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I am not a true modder, I simply get the groove sometimes and get a little... Passionate.


Comrade711 - ERT Creator.

Adonnay - ATC Creator

NelH - Holster Adjustments Creator