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Makes your troops verbally respond when given orders. No more awkward silent charges! Updated to Version 0.2.1. Main branch (e1.3.0+) is the main focus for support.

Permissions and credits
Responsive Soldiers is a simple mod that breathes a bit of life into your troops by making them audibly respond to your orders! This mod currently only uses vanilla sounds from Bannerlord. Check the video tab for a short demonstration!

Version 0.2.1 is out! 0.2.0+ stuff is highlighted in blue.

Make sure you've downloaded the correct version of Responsive Soldiers for your version of Bannerlord!

Unzip the file and place the ResponsiveSoldiersBoiZoi folder into the modules folder located in (..\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules)
If you are experiencing crashes, ensure that you right click->properties-> unblock the dll files in (..\ResponsiveSoldiersBoiZoi\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client)

Your units will respond upon receiving an order, as long as it is sufficiently different from their previous orders.
Your units will respond upon being selected, as long as the selection is different from the last made selection.
Charging units will yell indefinitely until they are given new orders, die, or the battle ends.
Config file allows for some customization of values.

CONFIG (Located within \..\ResponsiveSoldiersBoiZoi\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client)
percentageToRespond - (default 100) - determines roughly how much % of a given formation will respond
minResponseDelay - (default 0.7) - determines the minimum amount of random delay before a unit responds
maxResponseDelay - (default 1.2) - determines the maximum amount of random delay before a unit responds
constantChargeYells - (default true) - determines if units will yell constantly during charges

Should work with both stable and beta versions of Bannerlord, depending on version used.
Should be compatible with most mods that deal with voices (like Yell To Inspire ;) )
A fix was deployed fixing incompatibility with More Raiding.

Units that aren't normally mounted will respond when told to mount.
If more than one formation is ordered to the same spot during a siege, there is a chance for an infinite rapid response loop.