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This mod fixes the balance issue where rulers keep getting all the damn fiefs a kingdom conquers by changing a few key elements in the game's decision making.
Éste mod arregla el problema en el que los monarcas tienden a quedarse con todos los asentamientos que el reino conquista al cambiar algunos elementos clave de la logica del juego.

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This mod attempts to improve the balance issue where rulers keep getting all the damn fiefs a kingdom conquers by changing a few key elements in the game's decision making.
Specifically, it fixes a bug in how the game determines what clans are to be candidates for the fief that affected only the player's faction and artificially made the king always be a candidate, and also makes the King less inclined to want to overrule a decision in the first place**, and makes it impossible for him to spend more influence than he currently (at least, as far as overruling goes).

The end result is that rulers are much less likely to even show up as candidates, and even if they do they will be less likely to override the popular vote if the difference between his preferred choice and the voter's choice is too big.

This mod uses harmony to patch two methods through a transpiler, and may not play well with mods that patch the same methods.
These methods are:

Install instructions: Extract the folder inside the .zip file and place it within the Modules folder in your Bannerlord's install directory, like other mods. Then, enable it in the launcher. This mod is completely savegame compatible and there should be no issues adding or removing it from an ongoing campaign.

This is my first mod for bannerlord and I'm pretty new to all this, so please leave your feedback, and let me know how it goes.

Thanks for reading, and special thanks to Vandy! Without 'im this mod would never be possible.

**PATCH 1.4.1 NOTES: This patch has changed the original logic for the ruler overrule decision AI and this new logic that they've implemented is much harder to tweak (before there was a specific number I could touch that could make it more or less likely for a ruler to override a decision he didn't like, in any situation. Now, it's much more complicated). As such, I'm experimenting with ways in which I can improve all this and hopefully bring my mod back up to the quality it had when I first made it. Please leave feedback of how the mod has been performing with the latest version.
In any case, the mod should still be really useful because it still fixes the native bug that made rulers be candidates for a fief nearly 100% of the time.

credit to u/Piehogger for the original image used as the mod image:

Este mod arregla el problema de balance que causa que los monarcas siempre se queden con todos los territorios recientemente conquistados para si mismos y no le dejan nada a ningun otro clan. Lo hace cambiando unos elementos clave en la logica de toma de decisiones del juego.
Especificamente, aumenta el costo de influence para que el rey ignore el resultado del voto si no le gusta, y tambien disminuye la chance misma de que lo haga.
Y, mas importantemente, arregla un bug en como el juego determina que clanes son candidatos para recibir el asentamiento que solo afectaba a la facción del jugador que artificialmente garantizaba que el rey siempre fuera candidato.

El resultado final es que es mucho menos probable que el monarca aparezca como candidato, y aun cuando aparece seran menos probable de sobreescribir el voto popular si la diferencia entre su elección y la elección ganadora es muy grande.

Éste mod utiliza Harmony para parchear dos metodos a traves de un Transpiler, y tal vez no funcione bien con mods que parcheen los mismos metodos.
Estos metodos son:

Instrucciones de instalacion: Extraer la carpeta del .zip que la contiene, y ponerla en la carpeta Modules dentro del directorio donde esta instalado el juego.
Éste mod es compatible con partidas guardadas y no deberia haber ningun problema que ocurra de agregarlo o quitarlo de una campaña en progreso.

El archivo config.xml puede ser encontrado en la carpeta LessGreedyRulers/ModuleData y pueden editar el coste de influencia modificando el campo 'InfluenceCostMultiplier', o la misma chance de que suceda editando el campo 'Power'. Numeros mas altos = mas caro/menos probable, respectivamente.

Este es mi primer mod para Bannerlord, y soy muy nuevo en todo esto en general asi que apreciaria cualquier comentario y feedback.

Gracias por leer, y muchisimas gracias a Vandy! Sin él, este mod nunca lo hubiera podido hacer.