Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Adjusts the troop tree for Battania to include archers.

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Hello all! This mod is a pretty straightforward troop tree adjustment for Battania. It moves Falxmen over to the Warrior Clan side of the tree, and puts archers into the Wood Runner side. The archers are similar to the noble archers - they use bow and 2H weapons - but have lower stats and weaker gear. They are comparable to other units of their Tier equipment and statwise. It is still worth it to track down the nobles, as they have much better armor and WAY better stats! Should be compatible with any mod that doesn't edit the XML entries listed below. 

Original units edited:
Battanian Clan Warrior: Added Battanian Raider to Upgrade Path
Battanian Wood Runner: Added Battanian Archer to Upgrade Path, removed Battanian Raider from Upgrade Path

New units added:
Battanian Archer (T3)
Battanian Expert Archer (T4)
Battanian Ranger (T5)

Make sure it loads AFTER the core Bannerlord modules. By default, the load order is alphabetical and I have appended some Z's to the mod's internal name so it will load later. I don't know if it's possible to adjust load order (I haven't figured out how if you can) thus it shouldn't be a concern for now. Should endure updates pretty well, but any major changes by TW to the troop trees will probably break or make obsolete this mod. 

Tested with both new game and pre-existing savegame, no issues.

As seems to be the case with any mod that adds new units, you will NOT be able to remove this mod from a save file once installed. I am not currently aware of any workarounds for this issue. 

Hope you enjoy! Special thanks to Zaladiir for inspiring this mod. If you don't like what I have to offer, please check out his mod Battanian Troop Overhaul!