Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Crossbows in general feel very weak compared to bows, this fixes that with some minor tweaks and the addition of new bolt types. Item fixer compatible!

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Now Introducing Module and Vortex Support!


Adjusts crossbows to be more on par with bows by modifying some of the parameters of crossbows and adding several new bolt types.

Save game compatible


Bound crossbow: damage increased drastically along with price, and now is the hardest hitting crossbow in the game.
Crossbows such as fine crossbow and hickory crossbows: stats buffed in certain areas while still being different from one another.
Light Crossbow: Speed drastically buffed, damage decreased.
Damascus Bolts: A low to medium tier bolt that provides good damage and ammo capacity.
Onyx Bolts: a high-tier bolt that has high damage but lower ammo capacity.
Rending Bolts: A top-tier bolt with very high damage but very low ammo capacity.
And more!

¬Crossbows are now more in-tune with bows and provide an end game possibility for players
~Each crossbow now has a unique feel to it, which makes upgrading to a new crossbow more engaging
¬All bolt's have been redone and make bolt types feel different from one another
¬Arrows have been slightly adjusted to compare with bolt scaling
¬All crossbowman troops are now properly equipped with items based on tier


This was tested with item fixer on the 1.3 beta.
Works for both vanilla and item fixer.
1.2 compatible as far as I know, but if any issues arise please mention it. 

Slightly incompatible with troop mods that alter crossbowman trees. Make sure to load Fixed Crossbows and Bolts above other troop mods.
Noble troops has been made compatible with Fixed Crossbows and Bolts, check optional files.
Probably incompatible with mods that alter vanilla crossbow items.


1: Download the designated file Fixed Crossbows and Bolts Vanilla OR Fixed Crossbows and Bolts Item Fixer
2: Drop FixedCrossbowsAndBolts into your modules folder
3. Make sure to put Fixed Crossbows and Bolts ABOVE other troop mods
3: Profit

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