Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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NEW: Dwarf cavalry now rides hogs instead of horses.

This mod replaces all Vlandian troops, heroes, and civilians with dwarf character presets and adds mountable hogs.

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Step 0. Install Vortex for simple mod installations.
Step 1. Install The Dwarf Empire.
Step 2. Activate The Dwarf Empire in Vortex.
Step 3. Open the Launcher, and go to the Mods tab.
Step 4. Enable DwarfEmpire and DwarfHogs (Required).
Step 5. Make sure that DwarfHogs (Required) is above the Native module.

Your launcher should look like this:


This mod replaces all Vlandian troops, heroes, companions, and civilians with dwarf variants.
The changes to heroes and companions will not take effect unless the user creates a new save file.

The mod currently does not replace many text strings and multiple civilians are not replaced yet.
Additional changes and updates are coming soon.


Dwarf cavalry now rides hogs instead of horses. The player character can also access hogs in stores or through using cheat mode.
There are several rideable hogs that have been added to the list of items:

Hog Hunter
Vlandian Hog
Champion Hog
War Hog

Currently characters who ride Hogs will hover above the hogs while on the main map, but in-game will appear as intended.


This mod is a work in progress and there will be additional changes to the appearance of Dwarf character in the future.

If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the "Posts" section of this mod page. I am open to any ideas concerning this mod.

The default appearance of the player character is unchanged, but you can copy the text below and paste it while on the character selection screen to make your player character look like a dwarf.

<BodyProperties version="4" age="25.84" weight="0.5" build="0.5"  key="0000F00880003A40FFFFFFF0FFE0FAFE1F007411000130E50FFFFF0F8E0FFFEE0107701300474108000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001002"  />


This mod will likely be incompatible with any mods that replace or modify troop trees or those that modify action sets.