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About this mod

This mod aims to overhaul faction troops to make them more distinctive, balanced and lore friendly.

This mod also brings huscarls into the game (optional) within the sturgian noble tree line in a balanced manner, huscarls are the only tier 6 infantry in the game - just like in warband.

Permissions and credits
Formerly known as the 'Make Sturgia Great Again Mod'
Why the name change? - Because why stop with just one faction, many factions have very lackluster and bland troops (at the moment).


Patch 1.26 is finally here! ;)

Updated imagery will be created and uploaded during the week.

It is completely safe to install/uninstall mid-game!

- Patch 1.26 is for those on game version 1.5.6  - This version includes Varyag Vanguards, Huscarls, Hired Longbows and Hired Axeman. ('Full Version')
The full version of the mod now requires - Vlandian Armoury!
- There will be no light version moving forward for the time being, this is so I can streamline my mod but because I'm also working crazy hours at the minute.

- The Full version is also completely save game compatible provided you follow the specified uninstallation steps closely.

Please do not use patch 1.26 with game version 1.5.7 as the developers have changed the coding strings.

- Patch 1.27 is being built for game version 1.5.7 but this may take some time due to the coding format having been changed by the developers.

This mod page is currently being revamped and improved.

Welcome to my mod!

Have you ever thought that a lot of faction troops look pretty similar and everyone seems to use the exact same armour and shields?
And that some units just aren't worth using at all because they are so crap? (*Ahem* Battanian Mounted Skirmishers)
Well not anymore, this is the mod for you!

^ Please read the changelog for changes, tweaks and the reason why I've changed things ^
Please have a read of the description before downloading the mod -

-It is save game compatible and also safe to remove mid-game without causing problems to your saved game data unlike large overhaul modular troop mods-

This Mod aims to do EIGHTEEN things:

1. Address stat fixes for troop and mixed up stats, there are absolutely loads.

2. Address inconsistencies between troop tiers.
3. Recruits from all six major factions now have a 30% chance of coming with throwing stones - Patch 1.13.
4. Improve tier 2 infantry survivability by giving them shields - Aserai Tribesman, Aserai Mameluke Soldiers, Battanian Clan Warriors, Vlandian Footman and Watchman just to name a few -  this was before patch 1.41.
5. Improve, overhaul and balance units to improve unit diversity in armies - See Battanian Mounted Skirmishers or Sturgian Brigands in the images tab for examples.
6. Make troops of each faction more in line and consistent with their culture, such as Battanian Infantry correctly using all highland shield variants and Aserai Infantry using various desert oval shields and wicker shields
. As you can see below:

As you can see above each Faction (Infantry only) now uses very distinctive shields, there are some outliers such as All Cavalry, Mounted Skirmishers and Some Skirmisher units (Aserai Skirmishers, Sturgian Woodsman and Battanian Wood Runners).

7. Aserai Infantry now come with much more effective shields, especially Aserai Footman, Infantry and Veterans.
-  this was before Beta patch 1.41.
> The Adarga shields are now only used by lower tier units including tribesman and mameluke soldiers.

Minor Factions
8. Fixing a large amount of unit stats and equipment of the Minor Factions.
> Brotherhood of the Woods units now correctly use two sets of arrow quivers.
> Eleftheroi units now utilise a shield and a set of throwing knives.
> Beni Zilal staying as Horse Archers.
> Oath Keeper units now come with a mace and shield.
> Skolderbrovta units now have an improved one handed skill.
> Lake Rat units have a improved polearm skill.
> Any minor faction not listed here have been untouched as they are fine.
(I have yet to fix the Hidden Hand - because they are so bad for both stats and equipment!)

9. Militia Veterans are now better equipped and armoured meaning that they are equal to units of the same tier.

This should mean that they are more of a threat in sieges and easier to distinguish over regular militia units.
10. Militia Units have had their stats correctly calibrated to their respective tiers, Veterans previously had higher skills than most tier 5/6 units especially Archers who had a bow skill of 150 before.

11A. Watchman, Mercenary Guards etc have been overhauled to be more combat effective, as well as fixing their stats and default group designation.
Added two brand new units: Hired Longbow and Hired Axeman. This gives people more choice on unit specialisations. (This is only included in the full version of the mod!)
Please see the comparison in the spoiler tab below.

(Because they seriously need all the help they can get)
12. Introduces a new branch within the noble line for tier 6 huscarls.
13. Improve infantry line survivability by adding round shields (round shields for everyone!) and improved armour. - This was before game version 1.3.
14. Sturgian recruits are the only tier 1 unit to come with shields - they have a 50% chance to come with one.
15. Make armour between the tiers more consistent.
16. Making Sturgian Brigands, Hardened Brigands and Horse Raiders more combat effective and much more viable as a cavalry choice.
17. Give Veteran Warriors and Shock Troops much more definitive roles as they were far too similar.
18. Improve Sturgian Unit Art, they no longer hide behind their shields - As you can see below!

(Despite all these buffs to the Sturgians, it won't make up for Raganvad's lack of leadership and strategy)

Varyag Vanguards and Huscarls are elite infantry within the sturgian noble line, they are an upgrade branch from Varyag Veterans.
If you're not interested in these two units, feel free to download the light version of the mod which does not contain these units.

These troops excel in shield walls and assaulting enemy formations with excellent two handed, throwing and one handed skills. These troops are great for smashing through shields with their large two handed axes. They do not have a spear making them vunerable to cavalry but their throwables mean they can bring down horses and riders. These two units are balanced and have been tested vigorously, however if you don't like the idea of these units I have made a version without them.

Both of these troops come in two variants:

1. Armed with a one handed axe, javelins, a large two handed axe and a large shield.
2. Armed with a one handed sword, throwing axes, a large two handed axe and a large shield.

Varyag Vanguards are a step up from Varyag Veterans, they have better weapons & shield, better helmets and mail shoulders instead of scarves. This is to make the upgrade difference between Varyag Veterans and Huscarls more of a incremental progression up the tech tree.

NOTE: Varyag Vanguard's armour has been updated in Patch 1.16 and Huscarls now have three body armour variants as of Patch 1.16.

This mod also means that captured Sea Raiders can become huscarls too!

The Sturgian Brigand Line has been completely overhauled - These units are so much better now!

They are a hybrid of light cavalry and horse skirmishers - they are armed with long two handed axes and javelins.
They do not come with shields at all!
These units have a unique blend of skirmishing and melee capabilities - Druzhinnik Cavalry still outclass them in melee but they are heavy cavalry whereas Brigands and Raiders are light cavalry.
These light cavalry units are great at dealing with archers, flanking infantry and horse archers they will probably struggle against head on attacks against heavy cavalry units that are equipped with long polearms.

Important Note, if you tell them to 'Charge or Advance' they will likely use their javelins first if Fire at Will is on and behave more like skirmishers (but not always). So if you want them to behave more like melee cavalry, tell them 'Hold Fire' followed by 
'Charge' or 'Advance', or alternatively you can let them use up their javelins first and then they will go in with their axes.

Another note: If you have the Bear My Banner mod, if a brigand has a banner equipped they will utilise their javelins as a polearm. If they have no more javelins left, then they should drop their banner in favour of their two handed axe.

Installation is very simple
- Decide whether you want the full version or the light version.
- Choose between Mod Manager or Manual, I recommend manually downloading it but the mod now works with Vortex for ease of use. (Thanks to KaptainCnucklz)

- Manual Download steps:
- Go to
Module Data folder, your Module Data can be found in the following folder structure: Mount & Blade II Bannerlord > Modules > SandBox Core > Module Data. This is located where you have installed your game, not your documents..
- Delete
the spnpccharacters file.
- Now download the latest version from the files tab, choose between the full or light version.
- Extract the 3 files
from the .7z archive file with something like 7-Zip - 7 Zip Download Page
- Then put them into your Module Data folder.
Make sure your that ModuleData folder looks like this.

There are three files:
> spnpccharacters - Patch 1.XX Backup (This is the backup xml of my mod)
spnpccharacters - Vanilla Backup (This is the backup xml of the original spnpccharacters xml)
spnpccharacters (This is the xml that is my mod)
- I would recommend you put all three in the ModuleData Folder.

- Please be aware that full game updates (not hotfixes) will replace the xml!
- Therefore I have provided a copy of both the modded xml and vanilla xml.
- If no new units have been added to the game, you are safe to replace the xml again after a game update with the provided backup copy of the mod (spnpccharacters - Modified Copy).

- If you are using a modular troop mod, it will overwrite this mod as my mod is an amended vanilla file which is loaded within the sandbox core module.
> Such as
Better NPCS - ALL NPCS - Complete Version, Armies of Calradia etc.
- It is compatible with most ui mods and small tweaks etc, I'm currently running my own mod without issue with well over 25+ mods at this point.

- Please leave an endorsement if you enjoy this mod, it really helps me out! -

How to uninstall - please read carefully!


Future of the mod:

- Keeping the mod up to date.

- Adding new armours/weapons etc when TaleWorlds brings them in.
- Incorporating more authentic armour mods like Vlandian Armoury
- Creating a 'lite' version that does not include any new additional units such as my vanguards and huscarls.
- Shock troops and veteran's armour will be changed soon - tale worlds have released more sturgian armour in the beta, so please be patient! - Done in 1.12.
- I will continue to tweak the appearances/armours of troops. (Only lightweight and balanced changes though)
Balancing stats - dependent on your feedback.
- I will look at other faction troops, therefore this mod could become an all-in-one troop mod to rule them all. - Done

I'm welcome to feedback in the form of comments and suggestions.


Please see changelog for changes/tweaks.