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Hotkeys added to menus, dialogs and screens (Trade, Party, Loot and so on) so you don't have to click everything with your mouse.
Tons of features, speeds up gameplay a lot.

Permissions and credits
Spiritual successor to the useful FastLoot and FastRecruit mod by Goude.
Now called only "Hotkeys" since the scope has expanded greatly.

Original Features:
Use hotkey (default F) to speed up game play, reducing mouse clicks by a lot.
  • Transfer prisoners (F) and close screen (F).
  • Transfer loot (F) and close screen (F).
  • Open Recruit screen from Towns and Villages (F), recruit all available troops (F) and close screen (F).

Hotkeys Features:
  • All Menus and Conversations can be navigated using number hotkeys.
  • Formation selection dialog can now be interacted with via number hotkeys, and closed via configurable Hotkey (F).
  • All Overlays (Army Party interaction, Settlement Notable interaction and so on) now has number hotkeys.
  • Tournament support: Max Bet (F). Join the Round (F). Skip Round (F). Leave when the tournament is over (F).
  • Forge (F), skipping weapon naming. Can be configured to not skip in HotkeysModConfig.xml.
  • Forge (Shift+F), will attempt to Forge five times. Will always ignore HotkeysModConfig.xml and skip weapon naming.
  • Forge (Ctrl+Shift+F), will Forge until materials or stamina runs out. Will always ignore HotkeysModConfig.xml and skip weapon naming.
  • Smelt (F).
  • Smelt (Shift+F), will attempt to Smelt five times. NOTE: This will smelt weapons ruthlessly; if one weapon stack runs out, it will keep going on the next. Make sure to use Don't smelt locked weapons to avoid wrecking your most beloved maiming tools.
  • Smelt (Ctrl+Shift+F), will Smelt until materials or stamina runs out. NOTE: See above!
  • Refine (F).
  • Refine (Shift+F), will attempt to Refine five times.
  • Refine (Ctrl+Shift+F), will Refine until materials or stamina runs out.
  • Switch to Smelt (1).
  • Switch to Forge (2).
  • Switch to Refine (3).
  • Change filter during Trade: All (1), Weapons (2), Shields and Ranged (3), Armor (4), Mounts (5), Misc (6).
  • Buy All (D) during Trade.
  • Sell All (A) during Trade.
  • Close Smith (E).
  • Recruit troops into your army from defeated party's prisoners (F).
  • Close the battle (F) when the Scoreboard screen is up and the battle is over. The game already does this for the Scoreboard after simulated battles.
  • Mouse Back/Forward can now be used in the Encyclopedia.
  • Roll Dice (F) during Board Games.
  • Close Town and Keep Manage screens (F).
  • Press (F) to Pay Respects (hint: tavern).
  • Support for most views with Done (F), Cancel (E) and Reset (Q).
  • Comprehensive configuration file HotkeysModConfig.xml allow custom Hotkeys for each individual action, with modifiers, at "Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs". Will be created on game startup after installing mod.

Planned Features:
  • I'm out of ideas. Let me know if you have any!