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    Staff Picks - 8th February 2017

    posted by BlindJudge Feature
    This week, we have all gone back to playing two of the classic Bethesda games, Fallout 4 and Skyrim. SirSalami wants to be able to choose for himself what spells (if any) that he starts his playthrough of Skyrim with, TerrorFox1234 is doing a little bit of spring cleaning around his settlement and has challenged everyone to a 'Power Armor Display Off *', and I have been busy trying to make Diamond City that little bit more attractive and inviting.

    We have two guest picks this week that have both chosen follower mods. They are both cracking companions and if you enjoy company within your game, I strongly advise you check these two out.

    We love to hear your selections, so if you have a mod you would like to submit to the community (not your own), please check out this new and handy form. Please fill out the form completely and ensure that you add some details about the mod and why you have chosen it (similar to how we have below). Just remember that other mods on the site may do roughly the same thing, so keep your eyes peeled and understand that these are just our personal picks. That said, hopefully, you'll find something you may not have seen before. Who knows, maybe we'll even learn a little about each other along the way.

    *Terrorfox1234 hasn't challenged anyone to a 'Display Off', but I really think this should happen...


    Mod: TrueStart
    Game: Skyrim Special Edition
    Author: Sohothin

    While slinging spells around can certainly be satisfying, I've always found it odd that starting a truly non-magical character is not possible in vanilla Skyrim. No matter your choices, your character will always begin the game with at least 2 spells, healing and flames. Why healing? Why flames? Only the Nine know.

    Though it may seem limiting at first glance, this mod aims to give you more choices regarding magic when starting a new character. With it, your character will initially begin the game without starting spells or skills in any school of magic (though they will retain their racial powers and effects). Conveniently however, the author has provided all the beginner level spell tomes both at Helgen as well as the abandoned prison, for 'Alternate Start' users. So this effectively allows you to choose which school of magic your character will start with, if any.

    What's even better is that these features are modular, allowing you to pick and choose which portions of the mod you'd like to implement, with ease. I'm always in favor of more choices and this mod delivers in spades. Thanks Sohothin!


    Mod: Movable Power Armor
    Game: Fallout 4
    Author: Kentington

    A convenient and effective mod that I’m a bit surprised wasn’t in the base game. This mod simply allows you to pick up and move Power Armor, just like any other piece of your settlement. I know, I know, perhaps it seems “immersion breaking” to be able to simply lift power armor, but then so is being able to summon whole buildings from thin air and move them about at a whim.

    I saw this mod early on in my Fallout 4 playthrough but didn’t give it much thought. At most, it seemed like a novel idea but nothing game-changing. That was when I was still under the assumption that Power Armor was going to be as rare and precious as it was in previous Fallout iterations. A couple of hundred hours and a heaping pile of Power Armor suits later and there I was, downloading this mod. As if I was going to move each PA one by one by getting into them, walking them to where I wanted, hoping I lined up my stance correctly, getting out, nope not right, get back in, etc.

    No way. I want to play Fallout 4, not Fallout: Power Armor Management Sim.

    Now I can just select one of my Power Armors and move them about as I please. I’ve seen all your fancy P.A. showrooms. I suppose it’s time I build mine!


    Mod: Diamond City Expansion
    Game: Fallout 4
    Author: statsmakten

    I've always found Diamond City a little underwhelming, lacking somewhat in character and certainly not the bustling metropolis that I pictured for the centre of the Commonwealth. It just seemed so devoid of personality. So this week, I have been looking around at the various mods you can get to spruce up or change Diamond City.

    There are a lot of mods out there that can do just that, adding additional rooms, areas and features into the stadium, but the one that caught my eye was 'Diamond City Expansion' by statsmakten. This mod is fantastic and is only looking to get better, with a clear vision as to where it will eventually be expanded.

    Diamond City Expansion is one of statsmakten's first mods, and the effort and finish is exceptional. Interiors are well thought out and nicely cluttered with plenty of areas in which you can go to admire the work that has been put into the mod. A few people have reported a couple of culling issues, but I have not come across any as of yet.

    With some grand plans for extensions to this mod, I am truly excited to see what comes next. Keep an eye out for statsmakten, I think there are some great things to come.

    (Guest submission)Jonril63

    Mod: Rigmor of Bruma
    Game: Skyrim
    Author: Rigmor

    Jonril says:
    Rigmor of Bruma adds a follower named Rigmor who has an extensive backstory and provides an eighteen part questline that meshes seamlessly with Skyrim's lore. The entire mod is voice acted by several talented people who invoke a full range of emotions from the player during the course of the adventure.

    I love this mod for the high quality craftsmanship put into it from the mod author, the superb voice acting from the voice actors along with the depth of Rigmor's backstory and the fit into Tameriel's lore

    (Guest submission)mordivier2

    Mod: Inigo
    Game: Skyrim
    Author: Smartbluecat

    mordivier2 says:
    The most AWESOME follower mod ever and very complex with so much dialogue it's amazing. Inigo feels like a real person and has commentary for every quest you do. He also has personality and changes based on your player choices and comments about your own individual traits/attributes.

    I simply can't play Skyrim without him. Still waiting for his last update so we can complete his personal quest, but he feels like a friend that you go adventuring with. Smartbluecat is also very responsive to his fans and has been super supportive.

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