Mount & Blade

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Pentagathus but actually Fladin and Narf and other OSP authors

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Making more texture atlases to combine some of the beautiful looking armours from Tohlobaria, and also making a few tweaks here and there to reduce clipping and to make a few new models. So far I'm only uploading the Doomcall armours (no helmets yet), but I have already been working on others and I'll upload when I have them packaged

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As explained by Saint Earendil here armours that use multiple mesh pieces are more performance heavy, so these texture atlases are more better innit fam

Fladin created many unique and awesome looking armours for Tohlobaria using parts of many different OSP models, but they are all multimesh so we must fix this. Except I originally planned to use these for my own mod so I actually used more generic textures for many of these models (e.g the Borovid atlas I made uses Narf's original gambeson texture rather than the cool purple striped one Fladin made) but it would be pretty simple to switch them out if you want and I probably will merge the original textures too at some point.

So far only the Doomcall armours are ready to go and I haven't merged any helmets yet. I've added my own tweaks - iirc the mail sleeved variations are made by me and I made the gothic armour version but of course I'm using Narf's base models so all credit to him and Fladin and I think CWE team for the tabard mesh.

Attian armours are now up and Doomcall helmets to follow