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Return of the Sith is an sub-mod for Star Wars Conquest, featuring an alternative scenario, in which the Sith return during the Clone Wars, and absorb the Confederacy of Independent Systems, forming a new Empire.

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I was forced to remove the mod upload from this site, because Nexus insists on being a bitch about the modified game EXE file, without which, the mod is unplayable. You can find the download from ModDb:

The description of Release 2 download also contains instructions on how to get the mod working, BE SURE TO READ THEM. THIS MOD CAN NOT BE PLAYED WITHOUT THE MODIFIED EXE, because the standard exe does not have enough RAM access by standard to load all the files, and will almost 100% surely crash on loading without it! It took me years to find out a solution to it.

I am going to briefly summarize the mod here, as the main page is on ModDb, and my only purpose in posting it here, was to spread awareness about it's existance, since it seems to having been forgotten.

This mod begun as a Clone Wars sub-mod for old Star Wars Conquest, a fan favorite mod for Mount and Blade. Back then it was known as Turmoil Across the Stars. Through twists of fate, the development of Turmoil Across the Stars shifted to Warband, but ended up dying off, with no-one left to carry on anymore.  Somewhere along the way, i started using this mod as my own testingbase, mostly just adding new assets and armors to it, over many years. I did release it at some point in ModDb, but the mod had much problems on newer systems, most couldn't even get it to run then. Only after i myself obtained a PC with Win 10 OS, were solutions to these issues found, but by then, Return of the Sith was a very old and forgotten mod.

However, in the last year or so, i worked on Return of the Sith a lot, making hundreds of changes, fixing some core issues in the game, adding new content and trying to make the mod overall better, so that when i would leave it behind, it was left to a playable state.

- The biggest changes compared to SWC, are factions. There is no more Empire, it has been replaced by Galactic Republic, led by Chancellor Tarkin. The Republic is fighting against the New Sith Empire, and the Hutts just... exist. The Hutts haven't really changed much.

- Republic armies contain Clone soldiers, Human troops and Jedi knights.
- Sith Empire armies contain human soldiers, repurposed CIS droids, and Sith warriors.

- Some of the core changes to the mod are increased AI aggression, starter class overhaul, a static battle system, fixed spacestation/battlestation sieges and massively increased lord respawn time. These changes ensure that there are almost constant battles being fought across the stars, making interaction with AI lords more pleasant, because they don't just sit in their worlds, but actually go out there and fight. Once you kick someone's teeth in, you won't be seeing him for three weeks, as compared to few days, that it was before. Because of the class overhaul, it is much easier for player to just get into the fight immediately, without needing to painfully grind for months.