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Skilled Magic Calradia v.0.8.5 by High_priest_of_Ru
for M&B 1.011

Huge map and hardcore (i think not too hardcore, but well-balanced and a little dangerous) gameplay modification with reworked magic from Magic World mod and artificers.
NB: It's recommended to use BattleSizer with at least 200 mans on the battlefield.


1. Skillful and highlevel balance -  all traits and features of army NPC corresponds to those skills that a player would have at the appropriate level. High rank troops are around 55 level.

2. Huge ingame world - 467 villages, 100 castles and 45 towns are placed on Mundus Magnus map. 445 lords are walking around: old lords, their sons and even gransons with various titles.

3. Racial types of army
- each country of Calradia have type of army she is awesome with. Nord infantry, vaegir archers, swadian cavalry, rhodok crossbowmans and khergit horse archers are greatest warriors among all types of armies of all other countries.

4. Magic
- learn spells with one staff or seek for staffs wih different, but single powers:

 a. Classic magic from Magic World mod by Pure Dark. Seek teachers and learn different spells. Use it by wasting mana.
 b. Artefaction - Air, Fire, Earth and Ice missiles.
 c. Evocation - deals low damage to long, but narrow area or become Elemental Archmage to crush entire armies.
 d. Telekinesis - summon dancing weapon.
 e. Holy magic - heal all people around.
 f. Mental magic - turn far staying NPC into state of berserk and fighting with eash other.
 g. Portal magic - teleport for short distance in battle at will or open portals forward to teleport opponents back.
 h. Necromancy - summon great number of weak skeletons.

  NOTA BENE: classic magic can provide half of these opportunities, but its hard and long in time and distance to seek teachers, up magic levels etc. All non-classic magic (b-h) don't suffer from weight penalty, but its need to buy different artifacts for each magic.
5. Items for mages and artificers.

Classic magic:

1. Learn your first spell in Arcane Order Hall after talking with Secretary.
2. In battle press 6 (battle spells), then E and left mouse button. Now you are ready to use Mystic Blast.
3. Buttons 7,8,9 are matched with other magic schools.
4. If u know more then 1 spell of school, press T between E and left mouse button to choose it.
5. You can learn more then dozen of spells in single game (not all 18).
 NOTA BENE: classic magician is hard start. Hardcore mode for magiclovers. If you are not this one, collect money for potions and good staff before joining Arcane Order.


a. Core credits
Magic World by Pure Dark
Baldur Gate sounds of magic casting
Mundus Magnus map by leandrojas
Speed&Stability by MAXHARDMAN
NewAnimation mod by MAXHARDMAN

b. Credits to authors of OSPs TES IV and weapon packs for Skyrim (all or almost all items are used).

Oblivion OSPs - by Nexxon, by Jojjo and by the authors' collective
Kearsage Magic Staves Pack for Skyrim
Defensive Staves v25d by Keersage for Skyrim (badly adopted and almost completely removed)
Macadamstreet Blesed magic staves pack for Skyrim
MC's Staff Pack for Skyrim

 c. Credits to authors of different M&B OSP packs of items (as a rule i used a few items from each).

TLD Team for Saruman rod and rivendell robe
Some models from Unique Armoury 1.1 by Talak.
OSP Indo-Persian Armor by drakharios
Pino Armors Pack OSP v1.2
Skeleton model by barf
LotR: Gondor Equipment by Turambar
Battlefield Priests for Calradia by Yamabusi
Some models and scripts from Betrayal at Calradia by HokieBT
Arabian Equipment OSP by dia151
Future plans:

1. BALANCE. Ideal balance. Funny ideal balance.
2. Magic factions - Academy of Portal mages and Necromancers, Mental Academy, Great Temple pf Elyvilon.
3. Medieval faction - Desert tribes (maybe, if game will not freezed by another hundred of lords and tons of villagers).
4. New unique and expensive magic items for new unique types of lords.
5. New branches of magic (if possible).


v.0.8.5 - Time magic (new brach or Portal magic) is arrived. Nord army is rebalanced. New factions - 4 Elemental Magic Academies (city-statelike factions). Bugfixes (first big update since 0.8.2).

1. New branch of Portal mages - Time mages. Time seekers and Time lords can open portals in 40 steps forward, forcing enemies in that place to teleport back and to lose some time.
2. Countries are divided into 2 branches - medieval, with low number of mages and racial trivial types of army, and magic, with low number of weak melee soldiers and big number of mages.
3. Time mages are new main magic school of Nords instead of Portal mages-warriors. There is new information about magic schools bellow:
_   Country          _ Main magic school _2nd magic school _Additional school_Artefaction _Type of country_
_Swadian Empire      _Classic magic      _Fire Evocation   _       none      _Fire(archer)_    medieval   _
_Vaegir Tzardom      _Classic magic      _Earth Evocation  _       none      _   Earth    _    medieval   _          
_Khergit Khanate     _Mental magic       _Axe Telekinesis  _   Necromancy    _   none     _    medieval   _
_Nord Association    _Time magic (Portal)_Portal magic     _  Ice Evocation  _Ice(archer) _    medieval   _
_Rhodok Kingdom      _Air Evocation      _Blade Telekinesis_       none      _   Air      _    medieval   _
_Air Magic Academy   _Air Evocation      _Blade Telekinesis_       none      _Air(archer) _     magic     _
_Fire Magic Academy  _Fire Evocation     _Blade Telekinesis_       none      _Fire(archer)_     magic     _
_Earth Magic Academy _Earth Evocation    _Axe Telekinesis  _       none      _Earth(arch.)_     magic     _
_Air Magic Academy   _Ice Evocation      _Axe Telekinesis  _       none      _Ice(archer) _     magic     _
4. Fixed bug with Telekinesis mages melee weapon - hitpoint parameter of these ones imbalance increased its damage.
5. Nord Artificers loses specific bonus to their number. 
        Current rework of Nord army needs some clarification. Nords have no archers, instead this they have Ice Artificers. But they had Ice Artificers in number of non-specialized archers (12) PLUS number of artificers (7). Now Nord Artificers loses bonus number of Artificers due to arriving of new branch of Portal magic. Now Nord Artificers are just specific archer type, not mages. Thats why their number is so high compared to countires with archers (which have only bonus number of artificers or have no it at all) and so low compared to Swadia (which yet have artificers in archer nubmer plus bonus number).

6. Added new map icon for Arcane Order Hall and Magic Academies. This tower now is a part of peace scenes of these towns.
7. Decreased defense parameters of skeletons. Now its 5 for all parts of body. With good necromancers their number is so high for good armor.
8. Added unique items - Magic staffs of Archmages. There are 4 staffs, one for each element. Their owners and creators - rectors of Elemental magic Academies. These staffs can damage huge area forward caster and hurt most of opposite army. These staffs have very small chance (1%) to be copied and sold out in the shops, but their cost is immersive. If you are owner of this staff, i advise you to remove damage report:) Don't think its too imbalanced. This staff wont hurt nearest mans and its damage and speed jf casting is lower then damage of Masters Evokers staffs. This weapon can be used on horseback (single magic weapon that can be used by this way now).
9. Added 4 city-statelike factions - Air, Fire, Earth and Ice Magic Academies. Each of them have 10 lords and their army have great number of mages and low number of very weak soldiers with a little Telekinesis help. Lords have unique titles and positions in Academy hierarchy. Each faction occupies a town and 3 villages.
10. Body armor of Portal mages is higher now (50/20 instead of 40/20). Armor of Time mages is worse.
11. Body armor of Evokers is worse now. It was 35/20 for masters and 25/15 for bachelors for evokers and artificers. Artificers remain with that armor, evokers took 30/10 and 20/5.
12. Decreased damage of trivial staffs (wooden sticks, not magic ones. Training weapon).
13. Waterways between places of old and new factions are broader (for NPC).
14. A few items from Arabian Equipment OSP by dia151 are adopted.
15. Archmages wears unique armor and Crowns of Concentration.
16. Battle quests of lords now have 1 day cooldown (capture lord, prisoners, train troops and hunt down a man) cuz its not only quest, its deeds too. (Especially training highest rank troops in my mod))

v.0.8.4 - balance changes (reason is bellow) - more warriors. less mages. Powerful school of non-classic magic have higher hire and upkeep cost. A little bugfixes with map and particles.
NB: previous version have great balance. When you started battle, you could predict casualties - ~equal to opponents number. At least in the field battle and NPC vs NPC. This version returns to standart M&B balance improved by me. With a little magic addition (~10%  of army are mages). Maybe next balance patch will coming soon.

1. Yellow lightning for priest's healing effect. Previous wonderful red flame effect decreased perfomance in battles with big number of priests (when using batlesizer).
2. 2 times less artificers and mages. The reason - i want to save unique playing style of old factions. Wall of flying bolts above shields and pikes of Rhodoks shouldn't be forgotten. Immersive number of mages on the battlefield turns this into shining mix-up, where only nords, khergits and swadian racial types of armies are good enough. Vaegir and Rhodok archers are staying out of the picture. Stayed.
3. To force the player to obey low-mages battlefield rule I have greatly increased level (and upkeep and hire cost, ofc) of following magic schools: Mental magic, Telekinesis, Necromancy, Holy magic. 1 level apprentice of such school now have 30 level, 2nd - 55 (highest rank soldier of racial branch of army level), 3rd - 80. Hire cost is immersive and cosmic. Upkeep is knightlike.
4. Artefaction and Evocation as well as Classic and Portal magic are inaffected by this level change (but their number is decreased too). I guess, player should have opportunity to hire army of elemental mages. And they are not too strong like previous ones (Artificers and Portal mages). Or they are really strong only on high levels, which are hard to reach (Evokers). Or they are strong, but easy to beat (Clasisc mages).
5. All trivial soldiers took +15% bonus to their number.
6. Now proportion of magic and trivial branches of army is 
~60 warriors to 
~5 or 7 artificers 
         (Nords and Swadians have 7 and bonus equal to archers number, 
         Khergits have no artificers, 
         Rhodoks have 7 without bonus, 
         Vaegirs have 5, but only 2 and 3 rank) to
~8 or 11 mages
         (11 for for Khergits and 
          8 mages for other factions at all;
          there are 5 or 3 mages of each school: 
          5 for main school and 3 for secondary) to 
~2 priests. 
7. Fixed some bugs with NPC-map relations. Some rivers are fully made from passable material now (south of Rhodok kingdom and west of Khergit Khanate, Vaegir-Swadian river near Falconport Castle).
8. Propotion of classic mages is changed to 20 percent members, 20 percent masters and 60 percent adepts.
9. Air Evocation is main magic school of Rhodoks now (so beautiful lightning:) and balance thoughts. The main reason - army of dancing blades changes picture of fighting).

v.0.8.3 - balance of magic/trivial soldiers ratio and perfomance increase. Bugfixes.

1. Portal magic will be initialized by NPC with 2 times less distance its used to be.
2. Now terrain code of random scenes is right. Random battle scene is squad 1.5 times bigger then default.
3. Atackers without lord leader moves in 2 waves with a dozen of seconds interval.
4. Effects of Portal magic are oprimized.
5. Changed proportion of magic and trivial branches of army. It was 
~40 warriors to 
~21 mages to 
~2 priests. 
Now that is 
~50 warriors to 
~10 or 15 artificers 
         (Nords and Swadians have 15 and bonus equal to archers number, 
         Khergits have no artificers, 
         Rhodoks have 15 without bonus, 
         Vaegirs have 10, but only 2 and 3 rank) 
to 10 or 7 mages of each school 
         (10 for main school and 7 for secondary; 
~24 for Khergits and 
~17 for other factions at all) 
to ~3 priests. 
6. Difference between minimum and maximum number of trivial soldiers is greatly decreased. It was +/-10 mans, now thats +/- 1 man (only for high rank racial warriors).
7. High, medium and low rank mages now are in the same ratio as trivial warriors (20% high rank, 50% medium rank, 30% low rank).
8. Due to immersive power of classic mages in Swadian and Vaegir armies their ratio is 10% members, 20% masters, 70% adepts.
9. Removed sound effect of trivial elemental artifact rods firing. 
10. Water ways between Swadians and Khergits and between Khergits and Vaegirs are broader (for NPC).
11. I found and fix really arcane and mysterious bug with dancing weapon damage. IDK why instead of 30-40 in module files it was 50-60 in item_kinds1. 
12. Damage of dancing weapon is 35 for axes and 25 for blades.

v.0.8.2 - changes in magic system. Non-classic magic is more powerful, but need tactic to realize its power.

1. Artifact Rods have increased projectile speed now. It means distance of Artifact Rods now is almost equal to bows and crossbows.
2. Conjuration is removed. Evocation is arrived instead. Evocation spells deals low damage to long line area. This damage starts to deliver in 30 steps forward caster, and delivering in narrow area to 62 steps forward caster.
3. All magic except classic and artificing adds experience to caster after casting spell.
4. Logic of Mental magic is changed. Now it creates medium sized area in 60 steps forward caster. All troops in this area will be affected by Mental magic strike.
5. Current update greatly increase size and power of scripts of magic staffs. And a little decrease perfomance. Double-edged.
6. Khergit lords took Lord crowns too.
7. Changed particle effect of priest spell to increase perfomance.
8. Battle map size is decreased and now its size between default and previous.
9. Changed game start items for new magic backgrounds. Every new mage have coarse tunic and dagger.
10. Increased size of flying magic projectiles.
11. Number of messages-notices is decreased,  almost all are for the highest rank mages due to message lod crashes.
12. Level of all mercenaries is equal to 55. 
13. Weak animators added to classic mages' equipment.

v.0.8fix - bugfixes, little balance

1. Fixed bug with 350 armor of the Saint and with armor of the Saint for High priest.
2. Mental magic and Conjuration summon its objects in ten steps forward caster.
3. Every magic except classic have messages-notices on casting its spells by anyone on the battlefield.
4. Fixed bug with river near Imperial city.
5. Mental, Holy magic, Necromancy and Conjuration staffs have increased projectile speed (to force NPCs cast spells even when opponents are on long distance).
6. Added always looted crowns for kings, lords, high councilors of Arcane Oder and Members of Arcane Council. After defeating such opponents you will guarantee take expensive crowns to sale it. Or to wear it.
7. Chairman of the Arcane Council now have classic mage' equipment.

v.0.8 - Great pack of different magic is arrived: Conjuration, Telekinesis, Holy magic, Mental magic, Portal magic, Necromancy.

1. Fixed bug with spawn different bandits on each spawn points.
2. Fixed bug with scenes of nord villages.
3. Telekinetic mages are arrived. They are users of axe and blade caller items which provides opportunity to summon pack of mystic axes or blades and to control it in fight. 
4. Telekinetic mages can summon from 5 dancing weapons (weak ones) to 20 weapons (balletmasters). After using of this opportunity they will fight with their remaining blade with great skill provided by their telekinetic abilities.
5. Many members of Arcane Order have Fallen weapon animator - artifact filled with telekinetic energy that allows animate 3 nearest daggers one or two times per battle. 
6. Mental mages are arrived. They are users of Mental Magic staffs. These staffs allows owners to mirror itself to closest place. Mirrors will float throud the battlefield and sometimes affect nearest people by berserk state.
8. Those affected by this state will not obey orders of all officers on the battlefield and will fight with anyone include another ones affected by this state of mind. Hovever, a few of affected ones can coordinate their efforts against all forces on the battlefield.
9. Beware of using these rods near allies. However, dancing weapons are almost always affected by power of Mental Magic Staffs. Use this bonus wisely.
10. Holy mages are arrived. They can heal nearest people when shooting. Distance of healing based on power of Magic Staff.
11. Conjurers are arrived. They summon mmagicspheres of different elements, which will froat through the battlefield and sometimes explodes, killing all nearest people.
12. Portal mages are arrived. They translocate small distances at will and wear heavy armor.
13. Necromancers are arrived. They summon big number of skeletons with weak weapon.
14. Almost all magic staves are used with different visual and sound effects. It is activated with Latin words. 
15. Great number of magic staves from different Skyrim plugins, armor and weapon from M&B OSPs are arrived. New mages wear and use this. NewAnimations Mod by MAXHARDMAN is included.
16. Parties size is slightly increased.
17. 8 new backgrounds corresponded to new types of mages. Now you can start to play with weak magic weapon.
18. All countries have access to non-regular Holy mages. You can hire them in taverns. People of each country learn 3 different magic branches:
  _    Country            _ Main magic branch _ Second magic branch _ Third magic branch_
  _ Swadian Empire   _ Classic magic         _ Fire Artefaction         _ Fire Conjuration  _
  _ Vaegir Tzardom   _ Classic magic         _ Earth Artefaction        _ Earth Conjuration _            
  _ Khergit Khanate   _ Mental magic        _ Telekinesis                 _ Necromancy        _
  _ Nord Association  _ Portal magic         _ Ice Artefaction            _ Ice Conjuration   _
  _ Rhodok Kingdom   _ Telekinesis           _ Air Artefaction          _ Air Conjuration   _

v.0.7 - each country now like all previous Calradia was. HUGE! WORLD! Title system is added too.

1. Mundus Magnus map by leandrojas
2. 455 villages, 100 castles and 41 towns are placed on Mundus Magnus map.
3. 405 lords. Each country have 81 lord - 21 of them are old and 60 are their posterity.
4. Each country have its own steppe, forest, sea and mountain bandit spawn points.
5. Each country have 91 village, 20 castles and 8 towns. Swadia have 1 village more, Khergits have 1 town more due to long controlled area and army weakness.
6. All localities and lords have its own names generated by online name generator.
7. Title system - 
  _    Country                _ King title     _ Old lord title _ New lord title  _ Style of second name _ Second name mentions ...    _
  _ Swadian Empire       _ Emperor      _ Baron            _ Baronet           _ German (von ***)        _ manor                                 _
  _ Vaegir Tzardom       _ Tzar             _ Boyar           _ Noble              _ Russian (***ovich)       _ father                                  _
  _ Khergit Khanate       _ Khan           _ Noyan           _ Chief               _ Arabian (ibn-***)         _ father                                 _
  _ Nord Association      _ Grand Jarl   _ Jarl               _ Conung           _ Irish (Mc***, O'***)        _ father and grandfather        _
  _ Rhodok Kingdom      _ King             _ Count            _ Vicont            _ French (de ***)           _ manor                                 _
7. 5 lords from each county are High councilors of Arcane Order.
7. Battle map size is increased.
8. Number of recruited troops in villages is increased (min from 5 to 7, max from 7 to 10).
9. New lords can carry one banner, but use another one for their soldiers.
10. Banners from castles are almost deleted (maybe ill return em soon).
11. 3 times more seeing range, 2 times more speed.
12. 6 new hints.
13. Fixed bug with texts.
14. Towns need food and other support fron villages. Now each capital is surrounded by 3 closely placed villges and each other town - by 2.
15. New lords are warriors more then warlords. They have increased honor and level (include skills and attributes), uses racial armor and weapon, but lead less soldiers and have less out-of-battle skills.

v.0.5.5fix - fixed issue with unbalanced mages vs mages fights.

1. Fixed NPC Mystic Blast speed to 100 (equal to player's). 
2. Now NPC magic properly hits opponents in melee.
3. Dispelling random spells of other mages on the batllefield works now.

v.0.5.5 - artificers are arrived.

1. Kearsage Magic Staves Pack for Skyrim. 11 new models are adopted. 
2. Firearms skill is displayed and replaced with Artefaction skill. Now its matched with Artifact Rods. Refresh trigger includes this group.
3. New type of army - Artificers. They use Artifact Rods - crossbowlike weapon without reload. There are 2 branches of Artifact Rods - the fist one, Ice Artifact Rods, have almost crossbow parameters, but deals 30 percent damage less, the second one, Fire Artifact Rods, deals 30 percent damage more then crossbow, but have locked accuracy parameter. All Artifact Rods have 120 ammo instead of 200 for crossbows.
4. Artifact Rods are balanced with 2x more projectile speed then crossbows' due to engine differences between crossbows and firearms.
5. 2 non-racial types of army (nord and swadian archers) are replaced with Artificers. Nords took Ice Artificers, Swadians took Fire Artificers.
6. Sounds of Artifact Rods usage.
7. Artificers uniform.
8. Fire and Ice needles for Artifice Rods.
9. Castle guards replaced with high rank army troops.
10. Load screen pictures are replaced with pictures about slogans of the MOD(some of them in earlier versions).
11. One of Swadian and Nord lords are Creators of Artifact Rods.

v.0.5.2 - mages found their place in types of army.

1. Harmony and Council Faction uniform.
2. Less chance to miss with magic due to increased area of projectile explode. 150 area for player and 300 area for NPC. You can damage max 2 closely moving targets by 1 spell. 
3. Fixed bug with hair color.
4. Spell distance for NPC is 4000 now. Its like thrown weapon distance.
5. Reworked level of mages. Now its 20, 30, 40 and 50 for grades of mages.

v.0.5.1c - a great number of cosmetic changes and a little number of magic reworks.

1. 4 grades of mages - Servants, Adepts, Masters of Arcane Order and Members of the Arcane Council. There are some Renegade Arcanists too in taverns that are ready for hire. They are almost Masters of Arcane Order.
2. Moon beam particle of Mystic Blast instead of firefly and fireball particles.
3. The Arcane Council gives its most beloved members rank of High Councilor. There are 12 High Councilors in Calradia and 2 leaders of the Arcane Council. The first one leads ruling faction (Council Faction of the Arcane Council), the second one leads opposite faction (Harmony Faction of the Arcane Council).
4. Each country have 2 lords skilled in Arcane Arts. There are 4 High Councilors outside the aristocracy. You can find them on streets of towns and they will teach you almost unknown spells (Its unbalanced, and this means, that these spell is very weak and dont worth its cost in mana exclude Heal spell and a few buffs).
5. New models of magic rods.
6. 1.5 times more soldiers in parties and reinforcements, start party size for lords and for player is 50.
7. Undeads are 1-st level noskilled parties. Its easy to beat them with skilled squad.
8. Baldur Gate sounds of magic casting.
9. Right name and description of main spell.

v.0.5 - magic is arrived

1. Mod is combined with Magic World v. 0.20.
2. Rework of spells and spell using with the aim of higher perfomance in epic battles. Its uncludes rework of scripts and particle effects of a few spells.
3. Now NPC uses only 1 spell - Mystic Blast. Its learned in Arcane Order Hall after talking with Secretary of Arcane Order there. You will use this spell on 1 target with 100 speed by wasting mana, NPC will use this spell on up to 3 closely targets with 600 speed. They will start to fight with magic on great distance (when they arriving on the battle map). Comparative efficiency of magic is not too high now. Look at the top of this list to inderstand place of mages in types of army.
4. Magic is not archery. Magic is not battle skill. Magic is far more great. Thats why !!large_amount_of_mages!! on the battlefield will randomly dispel magic of their opponents. Your spells can not be dispelled.
5. Power Strike skill replaced with Inner strike skill. Now it affects magic damage.
6. Maximum level of Surgery skill is 1. You are not divine protector of Life to ressurect 75 percent of your dead army.
7. Magis rods has great Strength requirements. Now magic rods are single weapon type that ignores shield of its target.
8. All mages wear clothes. Magic will not serve man, which equipment is heavier then 20.

v.0.4 - main balance version

1. Each race specializes in a specific type of army. All types of army including racial ones mains ecific kind of weapon. Racial army branch have highest level and highiest skill in use of racial weapon in all race army. Of course, racial type of army is greatest type of army in Calradia. Swadians mains lance cavalry, Nords - one-handed weapon infantry, Rhodoks - crossbow infantry, Vaegirs - bow infantry, Khergits - bow cavalry.
2. Some type of army has secondary specialization in weapon. Secondary weapon have skill is about 2 times less then primary weapon.
3. All traits and features of NPC corresponds to those skills that a player would have at the appropriate level (except for mages). 55 level, 30 points in strength and agility, 10 points in ironflesh and main battle skills (7 in secondary and 5 in rarely used), 550 points in main weapon proficiency (and around 350 in secondary) - these traits are owned by man of racial type of army.
4. Speed and damage of polearm weapon is strengthened because its not too simply to inflict stable damage and really simple to block hits, especially in NPS vs NPS battles.
5. Damage value of all ranged weapon is strengthened because skill and proficiency in melee weapons greatly increases damage of such weapons (1 hit of one-handed sword in the hands of huscarl deals up to 50 damage to warrior in plate armor). Now bows, crossbows and throwing weapon are greatly powerful when there is opportunity to hit an enemy. Taking a high place with range squad will decrease opposite army depends on time of firing without interruprion in melee.
6. Requirements of all ranged weapon are increased too.
7. There are 200 bolts and arrows and 50 throwing items in 1 pack of ammo now because lower values makes ranged weapon useless in all fights.
8. Soak and reduction factor of armor is increased by 20 percent, minimal damage to interrupt actions incresed to 10 points. Now its very hard to hit well armored opponent by any weapon you have no skill with.
9. 200 points in proficiency and 5 points in main weapon skill are needed to make you equal-in-rights member of army battlefield.
10. Army unit have standart uniforn (made from vanilla items). Now we are able to be absolutely sure in weapon and armor of our army and army of opposite lord.
11. Now there are 2 types of horses - the 1st one is slow, but have good maneuverability, and the 2nd one is fast in perspective, but takes some time to gain speed and change driving direction.
12. Mercenary are expensive to hire, but cheap to upkeep. To hite them you will pay around 500 gold to infantry mercenary and around 1000 to cavalry. But in other hands you will take master-in-arms (mercenary hhve randomized equipment and have 9 skill points and 450 proficiency points in all possible traits. Its like not specialized type of any army.
13. Highest ranks soldiers in any lord army take around 1/8 of all army. And there is the most powerful part of army.
14. Some tweaks are included like less time to build buildings, following cattle herd, higher chance for localities to become rich, value of prisoners depends on their level etc.
15. 2 times more bandit parties, 2 times more bandits in these parties, and closely bandit parties can join to battles on the side of other bandits.
16. For providing opportunity of epic battles mod was combined with Speed&Stability mod.