Arena alternative multiplayer map by Medicinase
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Added: 29/10/2016 - 12:09PM
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Last updated at 12:09, 29 Oct 2016 Uploaded at 12:09, 29 Oct 2016

This multiplayer map has been made alternative to 'Arena' scene which is really boring for old players after years of playing in the same map.

The scene is called ‘Deliorman’ meaning ‘region of mad forests’.  It was a region in Ottoman Empire which was famous with strong wrestlers. Deliorman was an exile region for unruly tribes. Because the region was tough and forefront against enemy invasions from north.

  1. The scene has approximately the same size with ‘Arena’. 
  2. It has two spawn area with cover in front of them.
  3. Unlike ‘Arena’ there is no middle protective region which makes cavalries much more effective against fighting infantries in the middle.
  4. There are many trees which can be a good cover for infantries while there is little place where cavalries can cover themselves. So the cavalries are more vulnerable to archers.
  5. While archers has advantage against cavalries with the trees, infantries may cause trouble for archers because they always have a tree to use as a shield.
  6. There is one tree allowing to climb. A good spot if the enemy makes a mistake with not having archers.

You need a terrain code for every scene you use. You can find the TERRAIN CODE, more pics and info about the scene here: MEDICINASE
If you have any suggestion and question, feel free to write HERE in the comments section. We will be glad to see your messages!