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Ribhinn is the name of a new nation,
ruled by female members of an ancient matriarchal society, with a powered army of soldier women.

Permissions and credits
by trongar
Warning: female nudity. A new 3D mesh for the female body with new boobs and new ass, a bit more bigs and beautifull.
"Welcome, adventurer, to a new experience, a Ribhinn mod for Mount and Blade: Warband. Ribhinn is the name of a new nation,
ruled by female members of an ancient matriarchal society, with a powered army of soldier women. Also, the widows, daughters and
sisters of the killed soldiers, nobles and commoners from several countrys, what was running to the mountains and now
become outlaws women, robbing to the merchant caravans. From the deep forest, female barbarians, with horned helmets,
ritual tattoos and war pictures at their nude bodys, will attack fiercely to you. Other surprises: the encounters against
the speedy riders of the Amazon Sisterhood and their poisoned arrows. And you will find some interesting new companions for helping in your
adventures: Silvana (healer), Pictona (warrior) and Sapho (engineer)."
You must to copy the folder called "Ribhinn Wars", and paste into the "Modules" folder.
Copy the "music" folder and overwrite the "music" folder of the game (not into the mod).
I add several new musical tracks (for the coronation, the wedding, etc...). 
All the music for this mod not will delete the original music. Ok? The tracks have new names.
I add the modular system files, if you want to made changes.
I add the translation to spanish language (castellano, no latino). 
New upgrade for the wild highlanders (women): call Stormy (dangerous, fighting only with the claymore).
New upgrade for the horned barbarians (women): call Frenetic (dangerous, fighting with a great axe).
New balances for the misty warrioress and for the horned picts (more light, but keeping a fiery action).
New balances in the number of the barbarian women and the amazon sisterhood (party templates).
New helmets: for the frenetic pics, no available for the player, and other call morriga helmet, based in a helmet from a oblibion's mod.
Sapho is a substitute for Artimenner.
Silvana is a substitute for Jeremus.
Pictona is a substitute for Deshavi.
These three companions have chests with valuables (armors, weapons, books), in several villages. Speak them for know the hints.
You can find 6 chests, but it's no easy (i add a spoiler file with the locations details).
About the female body, the boobs are a bit more big and rounded, and the ass is remodeled more rounded (only 200 polygons more). New UV mapping of the nipples, back and shoulder (both by me). The original UV mapping have not symetry, and I find troubles for texturing work. Now it´s ok and it was easy.  
Variations in the armors of the Ribhinn warladies.
Some models from Wedding Dance Mod, with changes about the 3D models and the textures (by me). 
New versions for the faced bronze helmet of the Furys (amazon sisterhood). You can find three different helmets in the armor's
Also new UV mapping for best seams and many more new Lods (level of detail) models for a speedy framerate.
Fixed the colision of some 3D models.
Fixed the measures of several weapons and their balances.
Best textures (i think) for several armors, shields, women bodys, barbarians tattoos, banners, grounds, metal reflections,
You can see the scene props made by me in some scenerys (taverns, castles, citys, villages...): pitchers, goblets, coins, new grapes, quivers, carpets, plank walls, gnd armors, gnd boots, gnd gauntlets, etc.
I add new plants call swampgrass and swampgrass dry, also lavander, in radom way (from a Oblivion bsa resourse). You will can see in the forest, rivers, next to the walls... Some grass meshes have now more density. Some rocks I remodeled in more realistic way (more polygonal faces, but the framerate is speedy yet).
Armor for the frenetic barbarian women (nudity). It's no merchandise, but you will can find some horned barbarian armors in the
plunder inventory (move all down), if you fight with they and have the victory.
Changes in the bumping of some textures.
Changes in the UV mapping, meshes, textures of some 3D models (suttonhoo helmet, bronzed-face helmet, morriga helmet, frenetic helmet, etc)
And more lods (level of detail in distances are now for the armors, weapons, hair, heads, etc, in levels what keep a speedy framerate.
If you want to know the meanings of the gaelic words (also for the citys, castles, villages and the ladies names), you can see the file "Gaelic Words for Ribhinn".
Best dialogs for the new companions. 
Text adaptation about the Ribhinn faction, sorry but after the wars ribhinn the rhodoks kingdom was deleted.
The mod is all playable also in spanish language (a traslation made by me). Only overwriting the add-on folder called 
"Mount&Blade Warband" what is into "Ribhinn Revolution in spanish" folder.
If you want to play the game in english again, you will can find a back-up of the "en" folder in the "languages" folder of the game,  
In this way, also you will must delete the folder "en" what is in: "Mount&Blade Warband\Modules\Ribhinn Revolution\languages\"
In progress:
I want to make new scenes with tents, no only single caves entrys o village houses. But also, I think the hideouts must be no static places. After your attack i suposse what the outlaws people run away to another place.  
You can change the music tracks if you don't like it. Only keep their names. 
See the file about the "THANKS" file to know the fine work from other modders.
enjoy, trongar.