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Example Files and basic overview on how to use the Hair Hiding Mesh used in 1866, in your mod.

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Keep in mind it will only work on certain hats, (the brim of the hat must exceed the diameter of the hair on all sides, something like a
<br />baseball hat wont work for example).
<br />
<br />I dont think alpha+specular is possible in m&b, (unsure about warband), which means, the hats
<br />that use this wont be able to have specular.
<br />
<br />You can combine the cone in the example with a hat using openbrf's combine feature and it
<br />will work as long as the brim of the hat matches the cone, and the cones uv's are on 100% alpha.
<br />The texture of the hat needs a small 100% alpha area to do this, a 1-bit alpha texture will be fine.
<br />
<br />
<br />For 1866 we deleted the topknot hairstyle to lower the overall hair size,
<br />so the hat/cone we are using is adjusted to that size. tighter is better
<br /> since it can cause some rendering problems when looking through it
<br />(such as hiding smoke particles and other hair meshes).
<br />Therefore, if you use our example, the topknot hair will still be somewhat visible since it exceeds the cones boundary.
<br />
<br />If you are using the proper materials and render-flags in the example and the hair is still visible
<br />then the problem may be the order in which you combined the hat with cone, ex.
<br />
<br />Combine hat>cone wont work, but combining cone>hat will work.....this will determine the vertex order and the cone must have a lower vertex order to work.
<br />
<br />The ordering may vary depending on which program you use.
<br />
<br />Finally, we get to materials, the render order of the hair material has to be
<br />higher than the material of the hat mesh, ours is 7 for the hair
<br />material, and 3 for the hat material...IIRC I picked these numbers to
<br />avoid rendering problems with grass....also to avoid rendering errors
<br />with particles, the particle shader materials all need to be changed to
<br />have a render order of 7.
<br />
<br />And thats everything, I hope.
<br />
<br />oh, there is also a .lod material for any hat lods, this is to
<br />remove rendering problems of hats in the distance, you will notice it is
<br /> the same except for it has no flags, and the render order is 0.
<br />
<br />Special thanks goes to 1866 team for all the problems this caused in their mod, :-) .