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See the main thread here: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,129012.0.html

The short of it: Adds like 60+ companions to M&B:W 1.158, Also allows you to buy troops from tavern keepers, also adds a probably overpowered troop tree for the player faction, also adds some custom factions and roaming friendly manhunter type guys to

Permissions and credits
This mod is still very unfinished. 

It should work as is with no errors currently (please tell me if you get any) but you'll see that like half the dialog is the same generic stuff. 

I can't add Diplomacy to this mod because Diplomacy is outdated and hasn't really been made available for adding to other mods in 3 years. You can add your mod to diplomacy's files, but they're for a 3 year old version of warband that won't work right. 

For Warband v1.166 and up 
For a full detailed description of everything in the mod, check out it's Taleworlds thread:

Primary goal of the mod: 

Add 80 NEW companions with full unique dialog trees and personalitys, with a variety of different strengths and uses, such as companions that are ready to go from recruitment to be made into vassals/lords/the marshal of your army, as well as companions that start out at level 1 so you can make them into whatever you want. 

Meet them here: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=129012.msg3109408#msg3109408 

To give you more options to play the game how YOU want to play it, to better craft your own stories. If you want to be a female player, with only female companions/lords, you have that option now, there's at least 16 new female companions. If you want to only have Saranid units and companions, you have that option, as there are 8 new Saranid-related companions. 

Secondary goals of mod: 

6 new towns, over 90 new castles, over 111 new villages to fight over with the other factions of Calradia. (In & Working) 

A unique Player Faction troop tree, you can recruit your own unique faction units from villages you control. (In & Working) 

Stronger bandits with better loot, and unique upgrade paths (i.e. forest bandits don't become swadians anymore, they become veteran forest bandits, ect.) (In & Working) 

Recruit troops from tavernkeepers. (In & Working) 

Roaming bands of unique units who help you fight bandits, like manhunters. (In & Working) 

"Foreign" mercenaries recruitable in taverns. (if you don't like them you can basically ignore them and they won't even showup in your battles) (In & Working) 

More books to read to cover skills not already covered by books. (WIP) 

Export and Import companions so you can save your progress with them when starting a new game. (In & Working) 

And more? (maybe)