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Multiplayer mod that seeks to expand native\'s classes and provide a fresh way to play.

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This is a low fantasy multiplayer mod that expands on Natives class system.

To install, download file and extract to a folder in your modules file.

(note: all matches are meant to be played with 10,000 gold, that is how the items are balanced. None of the new items have balanced costs)

-New "assassin" type class for each faction (except Khergits)
-All bowmen/crossbowmen now have guns instead of their bows/crossbows
-Completely rebalanced stats
-Added new items
-New scenes
-Reticule has been removed from all ranged weapons
-All spears that could realistically be thrown now can be used as a throwing weapon with 1 ammo

Features to add:
-Currently, none of the AI are equipped with any of the new weapons and as such they don't work (most notably the archers and crossbowmen)
-Assassins for Khergits
-New scenes
-Properly naming the scenes in setup window
-New menu backgrounds
-Possibly more classes
-I'd like to get some new animations and poison effects in the game, but I've tried and am not able to add those on my own

Known bugs:
-When you first click the multiplayer button, there is an error that pops up. No effect on gameplay