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Added: 16/09/2012 - 07:37AM
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Last updated at 17:47, 2 Jan 2017 Uploaded at 7:37, 16 Sep 2012

There are some qualities–some incorporate things,
That have a double life, which thus is made
A type of that twin entity which springs
From matter and light, evinced in solid and shade.
There is a two-fold Silence–sea and shore-
Body and soul. One dwells in lonely places,
Newly with grass o'ergrown; some solemn graces,
Some human memories and tearful lore,
Render him terrorless: his name's "No More."
He is the corporate Silence: dread him not!
No power hath he of evil in himself;
But should some urgent fate (untimely lot!)
Bring thee to meet his shadow (nameless elf,
That haunteth the lone regions where hath trod
No foot of man,) commend thyself to God!
- Edgar Allan Poe, "Silence"


Yet another fix version! This version does have some updated content however - the Handmaiden and Barber professions have been added, and each has their own jobs in towns. Smith characters also have a job in towns now, and a special recipe for crafting a Legendary weapon, over a very long time, via village menus. The Rising Mist set has been added for the mid- to late-game, for a little more eastern flavor - depending on your character creation choices, finding it may have more to do with luck than hard work, however. Recipes for multiple Dismembering and Rendering have been added - but there are also checks for inventory space for many recipes now, making Inventory Management an even more important skill now. Butcher's Helper characters can make Meat Pies in villages now, from any meat in the game (even Human Flesh), Game Poacher characters fish and hunt faster - and if it all gets to be too much for your poor character, suicide is now an option if they can find a Straightrazor. I am nothing, if not generous...

Remember: down the road, not across the street.


SOME OF OAK, ASH, OR THORN'S EQUIPPED WEAPONS OR SHIELDS MIGHT DISAPPEAR WHEN THEY ARE BURNED, BOILED OR PRESERVED!!! - Probably when they have Elixir Adamas used on them too! Be sure to un-equip these items before putting them through the process!


There is a lack in truly horrific mods out there, it seems. I think it's time we had a change of pace. Necromancy is the key. I have some practical knowledge of the occult, and therefore intend to make this mod as "realistic" as possible, without sacrificing playability or a certain amount of dark fantasy.

Solid and Shade is NOT a historic mod. It combines elements of occult folklore, Greek mythology, and many of the greatest works of Edgar Allan Poe. It has a decidedly pagan slant to it - various Gods and Demigods actually exist and play their particular parts in the story. Ghosts, shadow-creatures, and the undead stalk the land, among other even more sinister beings. Death lurks around every corner. For in this mod you can surely die, and in this mod you can surely live - and in this mod, there is a third choice. Make your choices carefully, and beware whom you speak to. Evil abounds...

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Solid and Shade v.25.13c "Usherwood Ghosts" is now released!

Within the zip file you will find:
*SolidAndShade folder - place this in your Mount&Blade/Modules folder. It is the mod itself.
*Changelog.txt file - lists changes from native.
*SolidAndShadeMainPic.bmp - a nice desktop for you, if you are so inclined.
*StrategyGuide.txt file - so you can spoil yourself.