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About this mod

TLD is a total conversion of Mount and Blade (NOT WARBAND) into Middle Earth during the War of the Ring. The player becomes a part of one of the many (10+) factions and decides the fate of Middle Earth. Will it be saved from darkness and restored to light and beauty? Or will you crush the free peoples under your iron boot? The choice is yours.

Permissions and credits
[size=6pt]The Last Days Of The Third Age Of Middle Earth Mod 3.22, for Mount&Blade 1.011 (not for Warband) is, after many years, finally released![/size]

1)IMPORTANT: this version is a work in progress, not a final product!
It is be playable to the end, but certain quantities of bugs are to be expected.
Also, tuning and balancing problems. (which we're working on right now. If balancing and/or realism are your issues, check out the Realistic Combat Model (RCM) and its various modifications on our forums!
Hotfixes are also released more frequently between larger patches.

2) READ THE MANUAL!!!!!! (it's bundled with the mod and also avaliable online:



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How to install:

0. Installation guide

You need Mount&Blade 1.011 to play TLD. Install Mount&Blade 1.011, then the module over it.

Note: This mod is NOT for Mount&Blade Warband (yet) or Mount&Blade WFaS (ever)
0.1. Installing Mount&Blade 1.011.

You may want to have clean installation of Mount&Blade 1.011 to use with TLD exclusively, else you will have to juggle M&B core files if you would want to play both TLD and other mods.

Preferably, use the enhanced version of M&B 1.011 (more stable, with many fixes). You can get enhanced version from Taleworlds official site using this link:,199418.0.html

Use the link above, not the official download page. The latter has old inferior version for god knows what reason. If you have mount&blade.exe file 2Mb in size, you already have enhanced version, congratulations. If your mount&blade.exe file is 3+ Mb in size, you have an older inferior version, and we strongly advise to reinstall M&B using enhanced version - it will be more stable in all the mods. You can safely reinstall atop your current normal M&B copy you bought from Taleworlds, or in a box.

If you have M&B on Steam, you cannot do this - either install the enhanced version into another location, (you can do that, yes) or follow our Steam guide from here:,2465.0.html
0.2. Installing TLD mod over Mount&Blade 1.011.

If you downloaded the auto installer, just follow the install wizard through the installation and make sure you select the proper install folder. (E.g., if your game is installed in M&B/ , that folder is: M&B/Modules/TLD/)

If you downloaded the manual installer, un7zip TLD.7z into its module folder.

E.g., if your game is installed in M&B/ , unzip the content into: M&B/Modules/TLD/.

Note: TLD is a mod that heavily modifies the original game, so it requires to change a few files of Mount&Blade itself -- otherwise, TLD will not run! There are 2 ways to do so. These are:


Way 1: use IronLaucher.

(this should be your prefered choice. It’s much cleaner and easier to maintain. Also it doesn't produce any issues you report as bugs, even though you just did the manual installation wrong)

To run the game, execute IronLauncher.exe, which is located in mod folder. IronLauncher is a small program (by Swyter) which will swap all the necessary M&B files with versions suitable for TLD, play TLD intro, then launch the game itself. On exit it will swap all the files back, so that you can play other mods.
Doesn't work? Try running it "as administrator" (in windows, right click on the exe).

Still doesn't work? Then you have to resort the other way (below).


Way 2: manually copy the files. Go to M&B/Modules/TLD/data/ folder. Here are all the TLD files which must replace original M&B files, so that TLD can run. Specifically:

copy all five core_*.brf files to: M&B/CommonRes/ (overwriting);
copy all three *.txt and both *.xml files to: M&B/Data/ (overwriting);
copy mb.fxo , all five *.pp, the *.exe and the *.bik files to: M&B/ (overwriting).

Be sure to follow the above instructions carefully!

Now you have all critical files in place to run TLD.
Be warned that M&B, after this, will work only with TLD. Native and other mods will not run.

Now launch M&B normally, choose TLD from module menu and enjoy.


TLD 3.2 changes from 3.1:
- CppCoder:
- Elven Hero Parties are 3/4 of normal size.
- Rhun Hero Parties are now 4/3 of normal size.
- Kingdom Heroes now need at least 50 troops to besiege. (should fix infinite siege bug).
- Resource Payment Cap (200,000).
- Gift Giving through faction leaders. (Exchange Resource Points).
- Berserker Troops no longer flee from battle.
- Command Cursor Mini Mod.
- Galadriel's Quest (Mirkwood Sorcerer. lvl 15+).
- Animal Ambushes (Mirkwood or Northern Mountains).
- Mordor Legions (when mordor is last faction standing with less than 2500 strength).
- Isengard and Mirkwood guardian parties should spawn now.
- Influence traits give/take influence (for player's faction only).
- Party Limit Option in camp->TLD options->Gameplay Tweaks->Compatibility tweaks.
- Starting equipment bug fixed.
- Battle Morale System.
- Battle Morale System: After Battle summary now reports routed troops.
- Battle Morale System: Tweaking of morale values. (still WIP).
- Riders falling off horses recieve damage.
- Wounded agents move slower.
- Trolls no longer appear as prisoners in review troops.
- Trolls no longer speak in party/prisoner dialog.
- Oathbreaker/keeper quest fixed.
- Fangorn and Capture Troll quest have text now.
- Mearh Stallion no longer roars like a warg.
- Nazgul Sweeps ingame. (Attack a mordor war party to see them).
- Injury Summary in Character Reports.
- Companions tell you their exact injuries.
- Companions lost due to lack of RPs can rejoin you again.
- Many other small bug fixes.
- More bugfixing.
- Merlkir:
- Graphic tweaks.
- Mandible:
- Beorning armors redone.
- vota dc:
- More item/troop balancing.

TLD 3.13 changes

- changed way music tracks are chosen and played for stability
- fixed some bugs (quest window bug among them)

TLD 3.1 changes

Major updates:
- Massive music update
- Strategy:
-- More aggresive AI in campaigns and sieges; riskier attacks against very weak factions
-- Highly-ranked players can suggest siege targets to marshalls
-- Last-stand guardian parties spawn when a faction is almost crushed (allowing to defeat it by defeating the guardian party)
-- All new Lorien armours

Minor updates:
- New battle scenes and landmarks
- Hit-boxes revamp
- Evil companion dialogs (Bolzog by Amman, the rest by Taal - thanks guys!)
- Companions cost influence
- Rhun and Gundabad parties made tougher, less camps are immediately siegable
- Factions stop regenerating strength when brought down under 500
- Marshalls will engage in defensive patrols against enemy patrols, not just lords
- New sounds: quest events, lord deaths, rank promotion
- Captured dwarves in chains
- Gondor Lords hire more of their native (fiefdom-specific) troops
- Meshes optimizations (redundant vertices), especially LODs

- Party members exchange problems fixed?
- Lost companions can be always rehired
- Corrupt save problem delayed by spawning less parties less frequently
- Several sticky map places fixed (including Aldburg)
- Parties getting stuck in rivers get unstuck every few days (doesn't solve all map problems)
- Empty parties get removed every few days
- Empty volunteer parties removed from destroyed towns
- Plenty of other stuff