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SWORD OF DAMOCLES V5.0 Download Ninja “hidden” Mount&Blade 1.011 Patch (The M&B patch is not required but greatly increases game play with unlimited troop types and bug fixes!) [url=http://forums.taleworlds.

Permissions and credits
Download Ninja “hidden” Mount&Blade 1.011 Patch
(The M&B patch is not required but greatly increases game play with unlimited troop types and bug fixes!)
Original Thread with tons of Guides and Hints

Sword of Damocles Team:
Cyclohexane, Kuba, and MorrisB

We assembled a new SoD team representing Hungary, Poland, and the United States. The old teammates of SoD including FleshyStarfish, Mordachai, Shjn, Twan, and vonMistont have retired but their legend lives on.

All of the new eye candy I added would not be possible without Kuba’s mad programming skills. The man behind the scene has fixed hundreds of bugs and spent countless hours making this an awesome mod. MorrisB’s dialogs, history, and lore bring a new RPG feel and dimension to the game. It’s still the sandbox game we love, but the characters come alive. There are still a few known bugs, but they will not affect game play and this is definitely the most stable and fun version of SoD yet!

Why choose Sword of Damocles?
Sword of Damocles is the most complex and advanced kingdom management mod available. It does not simply add player's kingdom and lords under his command but it simulates kingdom management by adding population to fiefs, health, ability to create laws, reworking the economy, and construction of buildings. It allows the choice of faith which influences the kingdom, allows the building of religious structures, and grants special faith based troops.

Sword of Damocles offers a realistic army management system where military buildings are required to upgrade faction exclusive troops, army detachments can be created, and orders issued to lords through a Strategic Map. Mercenaries from 7 different guilds can be hired to fight and defend the newly conquered lands. On top of that, Sword of Damocles provides a background story without losing that M&B sandbox feel. The Imperial Legion has destroyed your homeland and now comes to conquer Calradia.

To fight the threat you'd better arm yourself. There are over 600 new items and 300 new troops; including 13 completely unique factions. Sword of Damocles also adds game play tweaks, graphical and performance enhancements, and many other features.

A few of the most popular are a strategy advisor that follows you to battle and provides information on all of the troops trees thru the camp menu, the ability to set up custom battles, a camera that allows you to observe the battle after you are wounded and not leave your soldiers as a prey for auto resolve system, formations and battle morale, custom graphics and new scenes, improved auto-loot to manage companions, companion management screen, seal pacts with guilds, guild representatives that will follow your council, etc.

New Features of SoD v5.0:

- Fixed all forest lag: Achieve high FPS even in the heaviest of forests (forest bandits beware!)
- Rebalanced and bug free laws with new clearly defined descriptions of effects
- Fixed propaganda feature
- Fixed the pretenders dialog bug
- Fixed the map crash bug
- Fixed bug which caused appearance of upgrade option to the same troop (Vill Recruit* -> Vill Recruit*)
- Fixed bug where player got loads of experience from time to time.
- Minor changes to local health and prosperity formulas (easier to accumulate wealth)
- Removed "Nobles in army" modifier and replaced by relations with nobles
- Naming change: From "Scoutage" to "Royal Tribute" (i.e. when nobles pay taxes to the king)
- Fixed the Mercenary Guild quest bugs and fixed many bugs regarding mercenary guilds in general (mercenary guilds will be much more useful)
- Fixed bug where Black Army dropped hundreds of Great and Two Handed swords
- Lots of other small tweaks and fixes to numerous to mention

- Added new personalities and dialogs for the Centurions

- Added a new secret quest with the commoners (has something to do with the Slavers)

- New royal items in mini-game quest for each of the 5 SoD player civilizations

- All new dialogs for increased RPG feel for the mercenary guilds and the invading Legion

- Updated the in-game guide to be descriptive with new features (on-line guide has slightly more information than in-game guide)

- Used Native M&B map to remove all the path finding oddities

- All units in the mod are upgraded the SoD way (i.e. troop1 -> troop1* -> troop2 at military building)
--- Upgrade standard native mercenaries, guild mercenaries, and bandits in camp menu (anywhere on map)
--- To upgrade guild mercenaries, permission from guild master and a relation with guild of 10+ is required
--- To upgrade native faction troops, a proper military building must be used from that faction's town/castle (i.e. can only upgrade Nord footmen with a Nord barracks which is impossible for player to build)

- Increased companions exp gain rate by 50%

- Access your entire council (including guild representatives) from any of your fiefs main menus to save time from entering castle keep

- 8 new buildings:
--- Towns: Bank, Canalization, Hospital, Manufacture
--- Villages: Ambulatory, Clayworks, Rustic Blacksmith, Water Supply

- 2 new books:
--- Cartography (+1 pathfinding when kept in inventory)
--- Administration (+1 administration after read)

- 4 new bandit troops: Cutthroat, Brigand, Reaver, and Thug (no easy looter only parties)

- Added many new mercenary guild quests including tournament style fighting in their arenas

- The Boar Clan is now an official mercenary guild complete with camel riders

- Completely redesigned scenes for all of the mercenary guilds with their own history and culture. In addition, can walk to Slavers bases in native factions capitol cities

- High relations with Commoners has new effects:
--- 30+ relations allows a ransom broker to spawn in castles (along with councilor entourage)
--- 45+ relations allows jobless mercenaries on map to fight with you when in riding distance
--- Watchmen and Caravan Guards can be recruited from Ransom brokers
--- Commoners relation report is located in guild relation report list
--- Can raise Commoner relations by saving jobless mercenaries from bandits

- Can select a field Marshall (directly or election) from one of your available lords to represent your kingdom while you are performing other kingly duties.
--- At least 4 vassals are required in order to choose a field Marshall (which in turn requires a minimum of 5 fiefs).