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About this mod Prophesy of Pendor V3.011 MOUNT&BLADE Synopsis From the Founding of Pendor - the year is 354 A King has not ruled th

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[size=xx-large]Prophesy of Pendor V3.011 MOUNT&BLADE


From the Founding of Pendor - the year is 354
A King has not ruled the shattered land of Pendor for many generations. What was once a proud accomplishment of man now is steeped in the myths of folklore and told as children’s bedtime stories. Yet, the legends live on of a prophesy of hope. A tale of a champion who comes from a distant shore and unites the lords of Pendor under a single Ruler and brings peace and prosperity once again to this ravaged war-torn land.

All is not as it seems as there are many powers who have their own ends in mind and an epic struggle is about to unfold.

Strap on your sword, and buckle your imagination. Prepare to enter the world of Pendor and accept the challenge of the Prophesy - if you dare.

Prophesy of Pendor introduction thread and module details..
Click here for Introduction Thread

It is recommended that you read either the introduction thread or the read-me that is downloaded with the module.

Credits: Click Here for Credits and Acknowledgments
Where you can get a quick list of the many people who put their skills to use so that you can enjoy this entertainment offering.

Prophesy of Pendor for WARBAND: Click here for REDIRECT

Click Here for Prophesy of Pendor WIKI
This is where you can gain additional information regarding the game world, how to do things, specials and lots of information. You are encouraged to not only read this, but to create an account and contribute.

Issue Reporting:,125694.0.html

Not save game compatible with a game started in the 2.x version of the module nor with any BETA version of this module.

We do not offer technical support on the M&B Repository, ONLY in the community forum listed in the many threads here:,119.0.html



POP 3.01 bugs fixed:
  • More accurate heraldic armor back colors
  • Marleons Heavy Cavalry, Barclay Lancers now always have horses; Sheriff, Empire regular and Guardian Knights now have Riding skills
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Noldor Lords from spawning, except by rumor
  • Damaging already damaged improvements on capture/raid, caused repeated penalties or magical repair
  • Refugee party when invited to join gives wrong answers
  • Corrected building effects or description text for several buildings so they are consistent with each other
  • Map: wayward vertex near Valorshield moved - caused parties to get stuck
  • Map: flipped to face north

Warband bugs fixed:
  • Removed a set of duplicate banners
  • Fixed a WB bug that prevents the last prisoner troop of a certain type to escape (causing enormous prisoner lists in castles etc.)
  • Economy: WB bug fixed - symptoms were inflated prices and shortage of goods in stores; production of various goods rebalanced for POP (e.g. fish produced only in coastal villages and towns); boosted number of different goods in stores.
  • Lords seem to defect to a single faction
  • Lords go on to siege castles recently captured by their own faction
[rule] Prophesy of Pendor Features[rule][list]
  • Well thought out cultures, armies, and conflicts all of which are set against the backdrop of the realm of Pendor.
  • __________________________________________________________
  • Enhanced Goals
  • __________________________________________________________
  • Expanded victory conditions. It is not just about defeating the five kingdoms, but putting down the four minor factions as well and re-establishing relations with the elusive and hostile elder race of the Noldor.
  • Find the elusive Tears of the Dragon also known as Qualis Gems as a secondary quest to make your characters more powerful and unlock the secrets to establishing new Knighthood Orders and acquiring amazing weapons.
  • __________________________________________________________
  • New Factions
  • __________________________________________________________
  • 6 Playable Factions with extended troop trees for each (15-19 per tree).
  • The Kingdom of Ravenstern - Blue - The Northern Dragon. Valiant warriors who value freedom.
  • The Fierdsvain - Green - Fearless and strong, masters of the battlefield on land and sea.
  • The Kingdom of Sarleon - Red - The Golden Lion. Upholding Honor and the traditions of the Old Kingdom.
  • The D’Shar Principalities - Brown- These once nomadic tribesmen are swift as the wind, and deadly as the cobra.
  • The Empire - Gold - The Bold Eagle. Disciplined and brave making a last stand or new beginning.
  • Player Kingdom - Yours to define.
  • __________________________________________________________
  • New Economic Models
  • __________________________________________________________
  • Kingdom Management System - Talk to your steward to manage your Kingdom
  • Expanded Economic Model- build dozens of new structures at your village, castles and towns. Structures can be damaged and destroyed when locations are conquered or raided.
  • Player as King option and Enhanced Kingdom Management system. Declare yourself as a Monarch and play at a new level and all that goes with it.
  • __________________________________________________________
  • New Enemies:
  • __________________________________________________________
  • Many and varied foes that are intrinsically part of the struggle of Pendor.
  • Addition of unique Heroes belonging to various minor factions that have unusual troops, dialogues and are challenging to defeat.
  • Minor Factions have warbands and armies that can appear to challenge your rule of Pendor.
  • Major Heroic Spawns often spawn patrols and scouting groups.
  • Factional Leaders have unique weapons to find.
  • __________________________________________________________
  • Enhanced troops:
  • __________________________________________________________
  • Knighthood Orders- The top tier troops can only be created at chapters of knighthood orders that are located at various castles and towns. Some Orders already exist in the game, others are defunct and are up to the player to discover and reestablish. You decide what orders to promote, destroy, keep or create and where. In addition you can enhance the skills and attributes of these upper echelon troops in the game.
  • A unique troop trees reserved for the player. Adopt one of the five major cultures as your own or turn back the clock and embrace the culture of the old Pendorian Kingdom.
  • Enhanced Mercenaries, over 15 different types with intersecting troop trees.
  • More powerful soldiers and increased troops.. added 150 more troops to encounter and work with.
  • Multiple new troop trees to utilize.
  • __________________________________________________________
  • Companions:
  • __________________________________________________________
  • Expanded NPC's. 20 unique companions with enhanced dialogue including encounter comments.
  • Companion, Pretender and Cultural special abilities: Unique weapons, items, ability to train specialized troops etc.
  • __________________________________________________________
  • New Items:
  • __________________________________________________________
  • Addition of over 475 new items (Over 120 new Models only for Pendor).
  • Many new Horses
  • New Armor with amazing look, feel and properties.
  • New weapons including upgradeable enchanted weapons and highly valued unique weapons.
  • Added a Baggage Train for those long Sieges.
  • __________________________________________________________
  • Sounds:
  • __________________________________________________________
  • Enhanced NPC voice acting to give deeper immersion.
  • Better Battle Sounds. Incorporated Checkmatey�s More Metal sounds V1.7.
  • New Music - some donated by professional award winning artists and composers.
  • [*]__________________________________________________