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Bandits Rule Calradia Mod 1.00 Downloads: v1.00 for M&B 1.011: Bandits Rule Calradia.rar <-- simple and nice, just unzip it at your modules folder [url=http://www.4share

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[size=18pt]Bandits Rule Calradia Mod 1.00[/size]

v1.00 for M&B 1.011:
Bandits Rule Calradia.rar <-- simple and nice, just unzip it at your modules folder
bandits_rule_calradia.exe <-- not so simple, this install the mod without using any program, like winrar or winzip - the installer have tried to install on M&B 0.808 here, so, youll probably have to make a folder called Mount&Blade_0.808, and inside it create a modules folder, then, install and move the new modules folder into you 1.011 folder
Bandits rule Calradia.exe <-- .exe in mbrepository

"Welcome, adventurer, to the lands of the old Empire. Once Calradia was a great empire, with good roads and low taxes, the Emperor and the peasants were friends, and land prospered. But those times are now legends and the empire is Broken into many factions. Each faction has a leader, who claims the throne of Calradia, fighting other leaders to grow larger. Taking advantage of that conflicts, bandits and looters have taken control of the situation and now, only the gods may have power to restore Calradia to it's former glory. Before you can start playing the game you must create a character. To begin, select your character's gender."
"As a Good, all factions will want you to clean calradia of the outlaws, but you could choose your own way.",

You start as a son/daughter of a good - no magic... yet.
New starting menu, with new options.
New Elite itens, such as Elite armor, Elite horse and Elite gold pottery;
New mercenary troop: Demigood
All Heros remade - need name sugestions - dialogues are odd
Factions renamed and everyone is -1(very angry) with Bandits.
Some tweaks:

  • Increased amount of ammo
  • Cattle follow you, at mount speed
  • Player Faction is now Green, outlaws are Red and manhunters are Blue
  • Very low food amount necessary(999 troops feed with one item and they eat only once each 999 hours)
  • Merchants have much less money, they only receive 0-100 gold, if they are under 500 gold.
  • As lands are taken by bandits, mercenary parties will varie from 1 to 22 troops.That's because or they hide or they walk in great numbers.
  • Siege equipments build ultra fast, and siege towers move 5x the normal speed
  • Skills go up to lvl 15
  • Tournaments, give much more renowm, relation with town and exp, but there will be only one tournament per time and it will last 1-5 days.
  • Citizens are poor, so in the arena, you'll need to beat more guys, to win less money.
  • You pay 200% of the normal wages and garrisoned troops will got full payment, but you only pay your troops once each 1000 hours.
  • AI lords have higher party base limit, but the final divider is doubled
  • Bandit parties goes from 1 to 140 troops and there are almost 100 parties of each kind of bandit, but they take 999 hours to respawn
  • Your party size and party morale are huge:
  • Base party size = 9999999
    Increase in max party size for each point of leadership = 9999999
    Renown needed to add max party size by 1 = 1
    No morale lost for heros in party
    Increase in morale for each point of leadership = 9999999
  • Enemy lords won't scape after battle or at your party.While in town or castle with no prision tower, they have a 5% chance of scaping and 1% in those who have a prision tower, but they try to scape each 5 hous
  • You could have 999 prisioners for each point of prisioner management and could sell them to tavernkeepers for 10 denars each.Twice a day, you have a 5% chance of having a ransom offer for a lord.
  • Once per hour, you could recruit prisioners and they'll always join you(lords won't) and you'll have a huge moral bost for each recruit
  • You'll receive much more quest to deal with bandits or to train peasants and get high reputation with them.
  • Villages are most likely to be infested with bandits and there will be 5-100 peasants to help you retaking the village
  • Improvements will build in one day and will have much higher benefits.
  • You could recruit up to 100 guys in the villages and each 10 relation points will enable a new troop tier.


Well, i have the idea when I saw the chuck norris mod, so credits for it's makers xD