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Removes the 30fps cap on the menus, intros, Fatal Blows, Krushing Blows, Fatalities and Krypt. Also adds Ultra Wide Screen Support and fixes a number of other issues.

Permissions and credits
Disclaimer: This software comes with no warranty. Please use it at your own risk. The author takes no responsibilities of any sort related to the use or misuse of this software.

What it does:
• It removes the 30fps cap on the menus, intros, Fatal Blows, Krushing Blows, Fatalities and Krypt;
• It removes the black side bars on the menus and Krypt for people who use Ultrawide monitors.
• It fixes Story Mode audio desync issues;
• The Krypt performs better due to better rendering pipeline optimization;
• TAA blurring/ghosting/smearing is eliminated due to frame-tweening;
• It improves load times;
• V-sync tearing is almost completely eliminated when V-sync is off due to pipeline synchronization;
• It eliminates desyncs during the beginning of online matches for people who previously were experiencing those;
• Various improvements on game performance due to better rendering pipeline optimization;

How to use:
• Unzip;
• On both FpsCapRemoverByEndri_v2.0.2.exe and MK11.exe: right-click, Properties, Compatibility, set them both "Run as administrator";
• Open FpsCapRemoverByEndri_v2.0.2.exe;
• Open the game;
• Effects will be enabled as long as the mod window is open.

In the game's graphics settings:
• Disable Dynamic Resolution;
• Enable Frameskip.

New to this version:
• Works on Windows 7/8/10.

• Compatibility with the newest Steam update (2019.05.09).

• Now you don't need to press a key to enable the mod anymore! The mod is enabled automatically.

• The mod can now auto-launch the game if you place it in the game's folder: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mortal Kombat 11\Binaries\Retail". To launch the game, just launch FpsCapRemoverByEndri_v2.0.2.exe and the game will be launched automatically! You can then create a desktop shortcut for the mod for convenience. If you launch the game via this method, when the game closes, the mod will be closed automatically as well.

Author's notes:
• This game is amazing and deserves to be played in 60fps;
• Fans deserve to have an amazing experience;
• I hope you all enjoy and have fun!

Known issues:
• Story Mode cinematics are pre-rendered at 30fps. If the black bars are removed, debug and development texts which are meant to be concealed are revealed. So black bars stay during Story Mode. Pre-fight cinematics, which are rendered real time, are rendered in 60fps, though.

Q: "Is the mod detectable?"
A: No. Mortal Kombat 11 doesn't implement VAC nor EAC. The mod cannot be detected remotely.

Q: "Can I get banned for using the mod?"
A: No. Read the previous question. Even if it was detectable, they don't ban you; the game just closes. Case in point: Injustice 2, which implements VAC.

Q: "Does it cause desyncs online if I play against someone who is not using the mod?"
A: No, and in fact it HELPS players having issues with desyncs during the beginning or end of online matches! The game logic is always updated at 60fps for everyone, at all times. It's just that, in cinematic moments, the game tells the graphics API to drop certain frames instead of rendering them. Heck, there's an entire feature in the options menu called "Frame skips". This mod ensures that zero frames are drop at all times, and thus making the game visually 60fps.

Q: "The Krypt is in slow motion! Help!"
A: Enable Frameskip in the game's graphics settings. Read the instructions!

Q: "The camera in the Krypt is weird. It's shaky and it seems like it's zooming in and out on its own."
A: Not really related to the mod. These are the effects of Dynamic Resolution. Disable Dynamic Resolution in the game's graphics setting.