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  • If you want any changes feel free to ask.

    If I got time I'll fulfill requests for alternative versions with whatever....

  • Tip for OpenMW users

    In the settings.cfg for OpenMW, add the following line under to avoid output errors:

    buffer cache max = 64

    Info garnered from the "Sounds and Voice Mods" section of the OpenMW Wiki page, courtesy of Amenophis and Atahualpa who tested Better Sounds via OpenMW.

    A direct link pertaining to the settings configuration file is provided here, if needed.

  • Kiste in Balmora

    Eine Lagerkiste in Balmora in der nähe der Händler....

  • Lagerkiste in Balmora

    Du hast kein Haus? Dein Inventar ist immer voll? Du willst auch nix verkaufen?

    Dann hol dir die Lagerkiste.

    Sie gibt genug Platz um den ganzen Schrott zu parken und ist schnell erreichbar.

    Sie steht auf dem Marktplatz in Balmora wo die ganzen Händler sind.

    Sie respawnt nicht.

    viel Spass beim lagern....

  • Dildo Mod in Morrowind

    i'm not proud of this, but it's practice...

  • Altased version will hopefully come soon

    I had some problems when making this mod work with the awesome atlas meshes. This imgur-album shows what is happening. I hope to be able to fix this soon, and I will of course upload an atlased version when/if this happens. I will also make that version the main version in that case....

  • Ash Statue Stacking - version 1

    Ash Statue Stacking – version 1by BigMagicOne

    This is my first mod ever! I hope you all enjoy it and find it useful.

    This mod allows Ash Statues to stack in an inventory or container. Normally,
    each Ash Statue is treated by the game as a separate item. With this mod,
    multiple statues condense together in the same way as most other items in


    ***INSTALLATION***This mod is just one .esp file. Either put it in yourMorrowind Data File folder, or load it via a mod manager. 

    ***HOW IT WORKS***If a Morrowind item has a script attached to it, thenmultiple copies will not stack together like regular items. The generic Ash

  • Gnisis Shacktown PL


    Autor oryginalnego plugina: Kyro
    Spolszczenie i modyfikacja: Iguar

    Spolszczenie powstało na podstawie moda Gnisis Shacktown autorstwa Kyro. Oryginalny mod dodawał osadę wyzwoleńców tuż obok Gnisis, po drugiej stronie rzeki. Plugin nie zawierał questów i ograniczał nowe tematy do niezbędnego minimum.

    Tworząc wersję PL dodałem kilku NPC, krótkich questów i historie zamieszkujących osadę postaci oraz poszerzyłem tło fabularne; chciałem pogłębić immersję gracza i uczynić całą sytuację bardziej zintegrowaną ze światem Morrowind i niepokojącą.

    Skopiuj polski .esp do katalogu Data Files; zaznacz i graj. Oryginalny angielski .esp nie jest potrzebny.

    Konfliktów nie stwierdziłem...

  • How I had made this mod

    These mods were made on the TES Construction set, after having the original files installed.

    There were some hiccups, but otherwise these files are operational.

    The main instructions needed were how to move around on the screen. Shift moves the camera angle with a left mouse click and drag. Z plus the mouse click move the objects up and down from the surface. middle mouse roller performs zoom actions.

    Load any plugins(esp/esm) and only select a active file, if you are NOT making a patch. This will overwrite the selected file with changes.

    -I noticed in the game that most doors/items were blocked by rocks. You can click the object, and it will be highlighted. Press delete to remove the item.
    -Click and drag to remove walls or other item...

  • MOD

    good mod i like it its cool and i think it really represents morrowind as a whole - modjunkie 2018 best morrowind mods 2019...

  • Sotha Sil Statue

    You might notice there is a shrine with an Almalexia and Vivec statue, but no Sotha Sil. Whaaaa! 

    There seems to be no Sotha Sil statue in existence. If you find one - or make one! - let me know and I can pop it in....


    <DIV ALIGN="CENTER"><FONT COLOR="000000" SIZE="3" FACE="Magic Cards"><BR>
    Minimanual of the Guild of Mages<BR><BR>
    I. Favored Attributes<BR>
    II. Favoured Skills<BR>
    Alchemy, Alteration, Destruction, Enchant, Illusion, Mysticism<BR>
    III. Ranks<BR>
    Associate (Intelligence 30 Willpower 30)<BR>
    Apprentice (Intelligence 30 Willpower 30)<BR>
    Need one favored skill at 10<BR>
    Journeyman (Intelligence 30 Willpower 30)<BR>
    Need one favored ski...

  • Kamienny Las PL

    Kamienny Las

    Ten mod jest mojego autorstwa. Początkowo chciałem tylko dać graczowi do dyspozycji poręczną 
    kryjówkę w Balmorze (a własciwie pod nią), ale spontanicznie pojawiła się fabuła i mała intryga 
    (oraz całkiem spora lokacja) z niecodzienną historią miłosną w tle. Możliwe jest kilka rozwiązań 
    fabularnych, skutkujących określonymi konsekwencjami.

    Instalacja: Skopiuj pliki do katalogu Data Files, zaznacz kamienny Las_PL.esp i naprzód. Żeby 
    rozpocząć, koniecznie po zakończeniu zadania dotyczącego złych ludzi w Izbie Rajców, pogadaj z 
    tamtejszym barmanem Banorem Seran (o ile przeżył).

    Wymagania: Morrowind, Bloodmoon, Trybunał.
    Modyfikacja jest po polsku i tworzona na wersji ...

  • Combat Trainer

    An activator that spawns creatures for you to train on. Complete with a crappy, thrown together building!...

  • NHM Nerevars House Mod

    I made this mod for myself. Interested to see what the internet thinks....

  • Future Mournhold Patch List

    version 4.1.0

    new meshes for Redmon Barrens buildings.
    Topics added to Future Mournhold.
    new quests added to Future Mournhold.
    new maps available for Future Mournhold.
    better loot and enemy NPCs.

    version 4.0.9

    new textures and meshes for future mournhold.
    dialog fixes.

    version 4.0.3

    Pixelzation issue fixed in Redmond Barrens.
    Smaller resolution textures with better quality.
    neon lights added back into neon city (finally).
    new 3d industrial tank models.
    Music bug in nightclubs. Music still playing after exiting has been resolved.

    version 3.4.7

    Guns fixed.

    version 3.4.6

    Adrian's door fixed.
    no more 2d neon city ...

  • AltChar: Fablewind Bringing Back Fable In Morrowind Garments (By CJ)(Published 29th August 2018)

    Fablewind bringing back Fable The Lost Chapters as Morrowind modBy:Published: CJ 17:45, 29 August 2018

    While every publisher and their coding-savvy dog is out to make a quick buck with all sorts of remasters these days, some dedicated players go into modding as a labour of love. And in Fable's case, it actually shows, as you'll soon see.

    Seeing as how Fable was one of the victims of Peter Molineux's over-promising, some of which promised open world that's great for exploration and even Morrowind-killer, it was about time we've experienced it properly. Ironically, the mod has been built in Morrowind's engine, hence the name Fablewind.

    Another interesting point is that Fablewind was built using only vanilla Morrowind assets, which makes the end result ...

  • Skaal Village Palisade

    The Skaal have become weary of the constant danger surrounding them and have embarked on constructing a great palisade wall....

  • Bound Pauldrons and Greaves - Durability Fixes

    Do you wish for your CE bound enchantments to be a bit more hands free? Do you want the repair of your magically conjured items to be handled by the same source that create them? Tired of finding mods that don't work with Khajiit/Argonians? Look no further!...