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  • Tools and Resources Used

    Blender v2.91 to create the animation.
    Morrowind Blender Plugin to import & export .nif files.
    MWSE Lua to script the new animation into the game.
    MWSE Lua Code Dump is a great resource to study how others have used Lua in their projects.
    NPC Animation is a guide and various notes on working with animations, including info on text keys.
    Morrowind Modding Discord is the hub for all things Morrowind, especially if those things include modding....



    Below I’ll discuss some of the “behind the scenes” considerations involved in the rebalance. You may want to avoid reading this if you want to discover elements of the mod yourself; on the other hand, players that enjoy learning about the decision making process may enjoy reading more.

    This rebalance’s intention was to raise the “floor” of magical items, particularly the “generic magic items” which populate the various shops and dungeons. In other words, I wanted to make sure that items like the Amulet of Mighty Blows didn’t have a value of only 15 septims. 

    My rebalancing process essentially had two methods, the first I used for Weapons and Armor, and the second I used for all magical “clothing”, which include...

  • Olafs Cloaks

    I'd like to thank the Mod community for nagging me to finish these bad boys finally, I'm excited to finally release them and I hope you guys enjoy, I've got a few more mods lined up for this month and hope you guys keep Traveling the Ashlands!!...

  • Changelog V1.15

    Fixed clipping issues in intro
    Fixed droid dialogue in intro
    changed blasters to blunt weapons
    changed explosives to marksmanship
    edited every blaster rifle and added bones and groupings for crossbow animations
    changed all blaster rifles from blunt weapons to marksmanship
    added blaster bolt ammunition
    added blaster bolts to numerous leveled lists
    added blaster bolts to chargen crate
    fixed skillsets in Pregen Scout class
    replaced cbow sound with blaster shot
    removed enchantments from all blaster rifles
    Ignatious — 02/10/2021
    And... realized I was working off the v1.1 file instead of v1.11
    I'll pick it back up tomorrow
    Ignatious — 02/10/2021
    caught back up
    changed plasma cartridge enchan...

  • Lore Friendly Lord's Mail

    Gives the Lord's Mail the drain health effect as per the in game description....

  • How to change governing attributes

    Many people may want to change default governing attributes for one reason or another. Here is how you can do it:

    1) Open SensibleLeveling.esp in openmw-cs or the construction set.

    2) Choose Mechanics, scripts.

    3) Look for KI_levelUp script, and edit it.

    4) Scroll down to line 1958 and you should see something like this:

    ; Calculate total accrued bonus for each attribute
    ; To change governing attributes change them here
    set BonusSTR to ( BonusAcrobatics + BonusArmorer + BonusAxe + BonusBluntWeapon + BonusLongBlade )
    set BonusINT to ( BonusAlchemy + BonusConjuration + BonusEnchant + BonusSecurity )
    set BonusWIL to ( BonusAlteration + BonusDestruction + BonusMysticism + BonusRest...

  • List of Recommended Compatible mods to make you feel at home in Seyda Neen.

    Disclaimer: don't get me wrong, I genuinely enjoy  large stand-alone overhaul mods, such as several Seyda Neen overhauls developed by talented developers here on Nexus. My goal is to present the end user with as many modular optional compatible plugins, as humanly possible.


    Whilst many people seek their own kind of flavor in mods, such as graphics, quality quests, new dungeons, I've decided to focus a bit on pure city scale expansion here, including new areas, NPCs, some quest additions, etc. Since this collection of mods includes lots of ESP files (contributing to the total limit of plugins), it is meant to be played with OpenMW (which is only limited by your PC specs), but does work in normal Morrowind, should you have enough plugin limit left.

  • Asliel - Morrowind Alchemy Helper

    Asliel is a standalone application designed to help you find recipes and ingredients to produce potions of the desired effect. Simply select the effect you would like to achieve, then select a recipe to view ingredient information. There are web and android versions available here.


  • Seyda Neen Hilltent Home

    It's a simplistic storage tent with a bed and plenty of storage. ...

  • Steampunk Paradise Player Home

    This is a player home located in the Grazelands. It has many secrets inside. Please enjoy!...

  • One or more plugins could not find the correct versions of the master files they depend on - ERROR fix

    It's not a plugin fault. This is a default behavior of vanilla Morrowind (not happens in OpenMW, though).

    "One or more plugins could not find the correct versions of the master files they depend on" ERROR.

    This is caused by using different versions of esp master files or different dates. You can safely ignore it, but you need to press "YES" every time.

    *Steam version of the game was used, by the way. But esp and bsa dates are equal to CD version, so that's can cause this warning.

    Wrye Mash can fix that, so you not need to press YES every time.

    You can find  Wrye Mash Stand Alone (Melchors WMSA version 003) here.
    There is newer version around but this is a most stable one, I believe. Python is not required.


  • How to use with vanilla

    This mod is compatible with vanilla Morrowind too.

    You can add .bsa files in Morrowind.ini in "Archive" section.

    Archive 0=Morrowind.bsa
    Archive 1=Tribunal.bsa
    Archive 2=Bloodmoon.bsa
    Archive 3=menorraheads.bsa

    Or unpack .bsa with Bethesda Archive Extractor
    If .bsa in unpacked you not need to add it to config and just copy the content to "Data Files"

    Then, rename menorraheadsEN.omwaddon to menorraheadsEN.esp and enable it in Morrowind Launcher.exe or add in Morrowind.ini in the very bottom


    The only reason fo...

  • Thank You (with notes)

    Just a simple thank you for downloading my file. but just a few things here, My mod shouldn't conflict with anything else that *doesn't* affect the classes themselves, like I said before it's also Open-MW compat. so worry not, (I dont know about Tamerial Rebuilt tho) anyways I hope you like my mod!...

  • Morrowind Modding Competitions

    So you play Morrowind, you've modded your game, maybe made some adjustments to mods, even released your own mod, what's next?
    Next, you can take part in Morrowind Modding Competitions
    We have three regular competitions, each of them with its own features, challenges, and fun
    Generally speaking you will find all the details and announcements for each competition in either of these places:

    Morrowind Modding Showcases channel on YouTube
    Morrowind Nexus
    Reddit /r/Morrowind
    Morrowind Modding Community Discord

    Morrowind May Modathon
    Every year... in May, lasts the whole of May.
    This is the most freeform of all three competitions and... not really a competition. Modders simply need to publish a mod ...

  • ZInky's Weapons 1.5

    Added 3 new weapons. Dwemer, Silver, and Iron Stilettos....

  • Version 1.2

    New textures except for 1. ...

  • Hulking Fabricant Companion

    =    by Natakiro | June 25, 2016 - Oct 5, 2020 =

    After I started the cliff racer companion mod, I decided that I should make my other favorite MW creature: the hulking fabricant.
    This mod adds Arxis, a protective and obedient Hulking Fabricant, ready to follow you on your journeys. You can find him if you exit south of Balmora, follow the stream west, and he'll be under the big mushroom (south of Tharys Ancestral Tomb)

    This mod requires Morrowind and Tribunal. Extract the folder into your Morrowind directory and confirm any merging of folders. Mak...

  • Futuras Traducciones

    Hola debido a la escáses de Traducciones de mods para Morrowind en Español muchos juegan en ingles o solo el Vanilla algo que puede aburrir a muchos, asi que estoy dispuesto a que Trabajemos ya que si no tengo apoyo no tengo el por que andar traduciendo apenas empiezo asi que queda por parte de ustedes, no solo me gustaria apoyo en donaciones sino también sugerencias en traducciones para asi adaptarlo a sus respectivos gustos siempre y cuando tengan sentido con el juego original claro, o si quieren que tradusca un mod especifico me avisan de antemano estaré dispuesto a ayudar dependiendo sea el mod si tiene mucho por traducir les apreciaría mucho una considerable donación puesto a que lleva tiempo y uno tiene necesidades y por la situación que vivimos ahora debido al Covid-19 ...

  • Jim's Home


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