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  • JoeyyFace :)

    Joeyy in morrowind lesgo real...

  • Guide

    Read the book
    Talk to either a Mage, Sorcerer or Enchanter about Sigil Stones.
    Talk to either of two Dremoras from Pilgrimages of Seven Graces quest about Sigil Stones.
    Talk to Methal Seran about Sigil Stones.
    Go Assarnatamat east of Caldera.
    Kill the bound Dremora there 20 times.
    Get the Sigil Stone from him and defeat him.
    Go to Indoranyon and find the Atronach Forge.
    Uncover various recipes....

  • The Golden Bow Update

    This update is much smaller compared to the others. It features a short dungeon within which you'll find the Golden Bow, Angel Feathered Arrows, and some accompanying lore. A little easier compared to some of the other updates too; this time I didn't slap a crazy, ridiculous boss at the end meant only for end-game characters. The dungeon is called 'Erathian Tomb'. It is south west of the Zainab Camp and Sethan Ancestral Tomb, off the road.

    As well as finding hand-placed Angel Feathered Arrows in the Erathian Tomb, you'll find them integrated into marksman/ammunition levelled lists from level 6 and onwards. No vendors sell them.

    There are some small additions to the Angelic Alliance quest from the previous update; You can choose to sell the Angelic Alliance to Cathr...

  • Galen's Quest for Truth

    Galen's Quest for Truth - Spoilers and Walkthrough.

    When Galen asks to be alone, he needs to be alone >> leave the island (technically, the cell the island is in)

    Some choices will end the quest:
    - turn Galen to the Ordinators
    - refuse to help Galen


  • Functionality

    Click "Open", select file;
    Click "Pro mode".

    Deleting entries

    Select an entry in the column and press delete on the keyboard or button "Delete";
    Click "Save"

    Preparation for editing and subsequent preparation for the game. Necessarily necessary for editing Russian-language plugins with dialogs so that links in the text (@#) do not disappear:
    "Prepare for editing" - replaces all link characters @ # \0 to { } *
    "Prepare for game" - replaces all { } * link characters to @ # \0
    click "Save"

    "Delete trash DIAL's" - Needed to remove DIAL's without INOF's.

    "Delete Trash" - Needed to delete cells without new objects.

    "Delete Extra...

  • Angelic Alliance Update

    The Angelic Alliance update is here. It's the biggest one I've done so far and adds quite a bit to the mod, so I hope you enjoy it.

    This mod adds multiple unrelated quests around Vvardenfell, each of which will reward you with a part of the Angelic Alliance. These quests are quite short and shouldn't take long to do. But they are quite spread out and designed in a way where you stumble across them and not be hunting them down one after the other. Feel free to stop reading now if you want to discover all the content for yourself, but below I will list where to find each new quest if you just want to get stuck in:

    1. Angelic Alliance:
    Speak to Cathrine Haart at the Six Fishes in Ebonheart to begin the quest to forge the Angelic Alliance after you have acquired a...

  • Future of the Mod: Angelic Alliance

    It's been a little while now and I've decided that the future of this mod will be the Angelic Alliance update, where I'll be doing things a little differently. Instead of doing a singular longer quest line to find combination artifacts and make a HoMM3 relic, I'll be making a series of smaller quests that will reward you with individual pieces of the Angelic Alliance sword, and a quest to forge the item when you have all the relics.

    This will amount to seven small quests no longer than a two or three stages long spread out across Vvardenfell. As of now I have made three quests, but production is going to slow down a bit in the near future, so I'm not putting a date on it!...

  • MET 6 comparison slides

    Bitter Coast dirt

    Bitter Coast rock

    Book cover

    Cobblestone with grass

    Drum skin

    GL grass

    Hlaalu door

    Imperial wall

    Dark gravel 



    Stronghold block


    Wood panel

    Stone wall


    Tree trunk...

  • FAQ

    What textures does MET cover?

    Every texture used by TES III Morrowind and its expansions. Although a few textures might be omitted as upscaling them would be meaningless or would cause bugs if they are larger than the original size. 

    How do I install this?

    Like any other texture mod. If you're using OpenMW, you can follow this guide.

    Why does MET have some larger textures than other upscaling mods?

    Bethesda were restricted by hardware to capping the resolution of their textures at 512x512, usually lower than that and a few exceptions above. 
    Computers are much more capable now, and that makes it possible to size the textures properly by adjusting to how much surface space they occupy in the game. For example, a...

  • Armageddon's Blade Update

    At long last! After promises that this would be done in late February, I have it done now in late April.

    This update adds a short quest comparable in length to the Shadow of Death update. This time it is set on the island of Solthsteim where you will encounter a bounty hunter at Fort Frostmoth, Gelu, in search of an Argonian fugitive on the island. In the search for the elusive Argonian, you'll eventually encounter two new combination artifacts not for sale at the vendor in Ald'ruhn: The Sword of Frost and Armaggedon's Blade.

    I hope you enjoy the update. Please post any bugs and I'll get right on them.

    As for the future, of course I'd love to do another update with a fresh new questline for a fresh new artifact. Not sure what I'm going to do yet and I'm ...

  • Walkthrough by Gluby (SPOILER WARNING)

    Contains spoilers. This is a walkthrough by Gluby for people stuck on certain parts of the quest.


    I have tried to make this mod a lot more fluid, and not nearly so opaque as it was before. Before you go straight to the walkthrough, try it -- you may find that clues are clearer and more easily obtained.

    Nevertheless, for the impatient or stumped, here it is!

    0. Starting the RoF Storyline

    The mod remains completely dormant until the player is level 15, and cannot be
    started except by console. If you wish to start it before that point, type the
    following into the console:

    set raz_rof_script.StoryActiv...

  • Index of Quest States by Gluby (SPOILER WARNING)

    Contains spoilers. This is a semi-complete index of quest states for the sake of console commands, taken from the ReadMe.


    (Mostly complete.)


    -2    Dormant status; player is under level 15 and has not gotten the "latest
          rumor" dialogue placing Illwing at Shenk's Shovel.
    -1    Dormant status; player is between levels 15 and 30 and has gotten the
          "latest rumor" dialogue, but not started the storyline.
          (Journal 3.)
    0     Player is either level 30+, or has spoken to Illwing at Shenk's Shovel.
          The plotline begins, and Caldera will be attacked the next time the
          player is i...

  • White Dragon and Dungeon by bbslayer_07

    This is a copy+paste of some of the readme for bbslayer's plugin, which adds the White Dragon and a new dungeon to fight it.

    Should be included in the main file by default, but it's here as well from easy viewing.

    Ok the esp file adds the white dragons lair to solstheim, the entrance is a cave called,
    hidden cave, which is located east of the downed dwemer airship in the river, the entrance
    is underwater.

    Currently Fafnir's lair (white dragon) is a small size and there are some spots the player can go
    where fafnir can't reach them, but I am currently reworking the lair making it larger and more
    unique. The new lair I'm making now will be a battle in an underground lake, there will be floating
    ice chunks w...

  • Downloading instructions for noobs

    Download, and drop the .esm into your /morrowind/data files/ folder. If you're using a mod list organizer or MMO, I think you may need to edit the file to have .esm be .ESM for the program to see it- Idk why that's the case with the modlist organizer I use, but hey, what can you do. This all should be simple enough, and if you're looking for this file, you probably understand enough to know how to use it. Cheers....

  • Installation

    Put the omwaddon in any of your data directories and check it in the Data Files menu on the Launcher....

  • Walk XP MWSE

    Adds A Script To Allow Athletics Exp Gain Using Morrowind Script Extender...


    Подробный на сколько это было для меня возможно гайд по всем GMST....

  • Morrowind Modding - Voice AI - and the future of all humanity

    I don't usually write articles around my mods. In fact, I *never* write articles around my mods. Does anyone?

    I work in tech for my day job, and, having spent alot of time with ElevenAI specifically, am in an interesting position to share my thoughts around AI - specifically voice/sound AI, and the criticisms and concerns I see coming up in the comments section and in the discourse around this mod and others like it.

    I've written the below not to attack those people, or defend the ethics of voice AI mods like this one - but just to put my own thoughts down in writing, as people clearly have an interest in the subject.

    Concern 1: But didya get permission to steal the voice from Jeff Baker's mouth?

    Mods have always existed in a muddy leg...

  • Guide to Run Modded Morrowind on Android

    Greetings, how are you doing?
    W.i.P - i released the guide eariel than its ready, because i might not have time to finish it
    in this guide i m trying to help people run Morrowind Mobile at all or install/mod it correctly

    you need PC installation of morrowind
    Specifically need entire folder Data files and Morrowind.ini (everything else can be deleted)
    You need Android Phone and PC that could at least load Morrowind main menu
    You need to have either USB-Cable or any file transfer connection between PC-Phone
    This is literally my entire Morrowind Folder, works for OpenMW and Android Version of it


    Here you just install Morrowind on your PC like a normal person