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Today, for Morrowind Modding Manors, we're taking a look at three buyable player house mods, which add a variety of homes across Morrowind for you to purchase and live in, ranging from cheap little shacks and flats to modestly priced cottages and huts and even relatively expensive manors, any of which you could potentially call home! Included in today's episode is the extensive Welcome Home mod by Stormless, the more centralized Living in Vivec by l1lartur0, and the rather nicely atmospheric Of Dungeons and Abodes by Darkelfguy.

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This video was recorded using the Morrowind Graphics Guide. Also note, this video was recorded with the CinemaCam mod by Rytelier.

The music in this episode is from Jon Babb's Morrowind Music Overdose and Oblivion Music Overdose and Doctor Eternal's Total Music Conversion. Also OC Remix.