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Note: This video was recorded using Morrowind Graphics Guide install and Glow in the Dahrk.

For today's seventeenth episode of Morrowind Modding Manors, we're looking at three very different and very unique homes from around Vvardenfell, including the imposing yet practical Mormegil Manor By Calislahn, the rather unique but cozy Sarkorn's Mountain Retreat By Sarkorn, and the small but one-of-a-kind Foreign Quarter Abode By GunMetalGray.

Download Links:
Mormegil Manor By Calislahn
Sarkorn's Mountain Retreat By Sarkorn
Foreign Quarter Abode By GunMetalGray

The music in this episode is from Jon Babb's Morrowind Music Overdose and Doctor Eternal's Total Music Conversion.