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Today for Morrowind Modding Showcases, we're taking a look at the massive and quite comprehensive crafting mod, Morrowind Crafting by Toccatta and Drac. With Morrowind Crafting you can create practically anything found in the vanilla version of Morrowind, plus some new items added in by the mod itself. Utilizing half-a-dozen new crafting skills, you can now cook food, sew together clothing and rugs, smith new weapons and armor, mine for ore, create pots and bowls on the pottery wheel, fletch your own arrows, and build furniture to decorate your home. Morrowind Crafting has long been one of the largest crafting mods for Morrowind, covering more items than Morrowind Complete and Skyrim-Like Crafting combined, and with the new 3.0 alpha, Morrowind Crafting now allows you to build a large array of new items introduced by Tamriel Rebuilt.

Over the course of this episode we take a look at a number of the current features of Morrowind Crafting, as well as new features to be introduced in the new 3.0 alpha. And keep in mind, Toccatta and Drac are in desperate need of alpha testers, so if you have some time please consider checking out the new 3.0 alpha for yourself!

Download Links:
Morrowind Crafting Version 2.1 (Current Version)
Morrowind Crafting 3.0 Alpha
Morrowind Crafting Official Website
Morrowind Crafting Release Thread

Morrowind Crafting Addons:
Morrowind Crafting Homes By Drac (Showcased here)
Morrowind Crafting Abodes By Astion (More Home Options)
Darknut's Morrowind Crafting Textures By Darknut
Guide to Crafting By Cabius (adds a written MC guide in-game)
More Crafting By Surgo (adds ability to make soulgems)
Graphic Herbalism - Morrowind Crafting Patch (Makes it so plants added by MC disappear after harvesting)
Erengard Mines - Morrowind Crafting Compatible By Denina (Makes it possible to feed miners MC food)

The Music in this episode is from OC Remix and Jon Babb's Morrowind Music Overdose/Oblivion Music Overdose package. Additional tracks by Doctor Eternal (Total Music Conversion) and Jon Bjork (Epidemic Sound)


  1. if42
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    This seems to have vanished now. This saddens me since i wanted to return to morrowind now that the free edition doesn't require me to find the old disk. it seems i'll have to search my old drives if it's still there.
    1. darkelfguy
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      I'm not sure what happened to the 2.1 version, but here's a DropBox download link for it:
  2. terrorofskyrim
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    O.O...Oh. My. God! Why oh WHY didn't i starts playing Morrowind (with openmw) sooner. This is just amazing!
  3. Corsair83
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    This video was perfect timing! I just added this mod to my main game a few weeks ago after seeing it mentioned in the forums, and although overwhelming, it's very fun to have when you've only have a few hours to play and not really up for questing. Thank you for featuring the links. Cabius's in-game in particular was something I was in dire need of! No more Alt_Tab for me! Haha