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Come on down to Suran and spend an evening out that the entire family can enjoy at Fargoth's restaurant and entertainment venue! Your kids will be thrilled by the Bosmer conjured creations, the ever jovial mascots of Fargoth, Galbedir, Tarhiel, and Gaenor! Nothing sinister to see here!

Why yes, they do have sharp teeth, but all the more to give everyone a nice big smile! Never mind those cannibalistic claims, they're not real Bosmer, so there's nothing to worry about with the Green Pact, they're just friendly creations here to give everyone a good time!

Just DON'T turn your back on them, or leave the lights off, or take your eyes off them for even one second, and it'll be fine, there's nothing at all to worry about!

Yes indeed, come on down to Fargoth's for an evening you won't forget, if you dare!

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Five Nights At Fargoth's By Concit

This video was recorded with the MMS Graphics Mod List.

The music in today's video is from Epidemic Sound and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Soundtrack by Jeremy Soule, specifically the tracks:
"Colossal Terror - Jon Bjork"
"Unfettered and Unchained - Golden Anchor"
"Crystal Gloom - Rand Aldo"
"Trail of Crumbs - Martin Landstrom"
"Warning Signal - Max Anson"
"Deep Cellar - Experia"
"You're Not Hiding Very Well - Trevor Kowalski"