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The first dungeon you're likely to come across in Morrowind, the smuggler's cave of Addamasartus has long been a target of various modded overhauls, and today we're adding one more to that list with our Mod of the Day, which today is Vennin's Addamasartus Overhaul by Vennin.

While most overhauls in the past have opted to detail or clutter the vanilla cavern layout of Addamasartus, Vennin's Overhaul instead rebuilds the cavern completely from scratch, using assets from OAAB Data to create a more natural and organic-looking cavern design. The result is a simply beautiful cavern that manages to recreate much the same layout as the vanilla dungeon, only adding in a wee bit more loot here and there to spice things up.

If you're looking to spice up Morrowind's first dungeon for your next playthrough, this is definitely a neat mod worthy of your attention!

Download Links:
Vennin's Addamasartus Overhaul By Vennin

Note: This video was recorded with Rytelier's CinemaCam mod.

The music in today's video is from The Elder Scrolls Online - Morrowind Soundtrack by Brad Derrick.