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Ever wish you could just improve your armor's base rating instead of just immediately throwing it away when you find a higher grade piece of gear?

Well, with today's Mod of the Day, you can! For today's Mod of the Day is MWSE Armor Tempering by AlandroSul, a crafting mod that allows you to augment and improve your armor by utilizing your armorer skill and various raw ingredients, like ebony ore, raw glass, scrap metal, and so on and so forth.

With these ingredients in hand, you can temper your armor to improve its base armor rating, depending on your armorer skill and the grade of ingredients you're using. Better ingredients, like ebony ore, will naturally improve your armor rating more, but you'll also need a decent armorer skill to really get a noticeable improvement.

With time, skill and resources though, you can eventually upgrade that suit of steel armor to almost ebony-tier, so you'll no longer have to sacrifice your personal sense of style for the sake of gameplay functionality.

This is a really neat gameplay mod, and one that I feel is pretty balanced and notably fills a gap in Morrowind's armor offerings, so I'd highly recommend giving it a try!

Download Links:
MWSE Armor Tempering By AlandroSul

The music in today's video is from Oblivion Music Overdose by Jon Babb.