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One of Morrowind's most isolated settlements, the town of Molag Mar has always stood out as being a rather odd Velothi-style canton along the coastline of the Molag Amur region, basically a carbon copy of the cantons of Vivec without anything to make it really unique. Naturally, that's where today's Mod of the Day comes in, for today we're showcasing Ruined Molag Mar by DuoDinamico aka RandomPal and Vegetto, a town overhaul that gives Molag Mar a more unique appearance, more befitting a canton in the isolated volcanic wastes of the Molag Amur.

Now the canton of Molag Mar has a unique model, with an optional ruined or repaired dome, including lots of wear and tear with broken cobblestones, netting for the lower waistworks and defensive gates. In addition, this mod details, clutters, and expands the central plaza of Molag Mar, adding in outdoor merchants, graffiti, and an upper-level balcony for Veloth's Hostel.

There's also a couple of interior overhauls included here, and overall, this is a really gorgeous, scenic, and unique transformation for this once generic canton settlement, and it's absolutely worth checking out for yourself!

Download Links:
Ruined Molag Mar By DuoDinamico aka RandomPal and Vegetto

Note: This video was recorded with Rytelier's CinemaCam mod.

The music in today's video is from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Soundtrack by Jeremy Soule.