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The ancient Dunmeri stronghold of Rotheran is one of the more notable strongholds in vanilla Morrowind, home to a secret underground arena and the famed Ice Blade of the Monarch. Yet, in terms of appearance, it was always a little lackluster in the vanilla game, but that's where today's Mod of the Day comes in, for today we're showcasing Rotheran Overhauled by Lord Zarcon.

Both an overhaul and an expansion of this famous Dunmeri stronghold, Rotheran Overhauled extensively rebuilds the exterior, adding upper levels and a gorgeous tower of verticality, as well as new chambers for you to fight through with some more immersive detailing and atmospheric cluttering.

There's very few overhauls out there for the Rotheran stronghold, possibly only Dallara1000's Better Dunmer Strongholds, so this is a welcome addition to make this stronghold a little more interesting. And if you're looking to add some more verticality to your game, or just overhaul a classic Morrowind dungeon, this is a great mod to check out!

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Rotheran Overhauled By Lord Zarcon

Note: This video was recorded with Rytelier's CinemaCam mod.

The music in today's video is from The Elder Scrolls Online - Morrowind Soundtrack By Brad Derrick.