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The realm of Magas Volar, a disconnected dungeon from vanilla Morrowind, accessible only via a single teleport amulet. Only in the vanilla game, it wasn't really much of a dungeon so much as a single Daedric room.

Enter today's Mod of the Day, which completely replaces and expands Magas Volar, turning it into a unique location and a much more exciting encounter, for today's Mod of the Day is Moody Magas Volar by Endify. This mod replaces the once tiny room of Magas Volar with a realm of floating islands, home to a handful of Daedric ruins, and covered in a nearly pitch-black darkness, with only the red-blood lights of a handful of candles to guide your way.

With new encounters, new loot, and new places to explore, this is a visually more immersive and atmospheric Magas Volar experience, and whether you've encountered this tiny dungeon before or not, this is certainly a worthy mod to add to your game!

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Moody Magas Volar By Endify

Video footage was recorded with CinemaCam by Rytelier

The music in this video is from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Soundtrack by Jeremy Soule.