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I've had issues before. So before you contact me, I want to establish some very fair boundaries.
1. Don't privately contact me for requests/feedback/hate mail.
I'd rather you leave a post on my relevant mod page instead, in most cases.
2. I will not post illegal or otherwise unlicensed files for you.
Whether game or software piracy ("warez"), the answer's "no." I won't get banned for you.
3. I have the right to ignore, delete, and/or report your posts.
Behave and be kind. I have a long fuse, but I don't like rude or nasty people.
Anyway. In the off chance you wanted to gift me cash for one of my silly little uploads, I'd prefer you buy a gift card for Steam and PM me the gift card's info. Alternatively, if you're another author you can gift me Donation Points for a game key, or even consider helping out a charity (I'm partial to the Red Cross and MSF). Cash donations would likely go to video games regardless.
Thank you!



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