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Aspiring author, avid gamer, compulsive music lover, noob modder, and prolific pen thief. I'm mostly here to expand my knowledge of modding, although I have spent an impractical amount of time coming up with ways to break Jade Empire in ridiculously hilarious and brain melting ways, I'm turning my focus to ES3: Morrowind.

This is mainly because it's the first game I ever played and I finally own the computer addition. Yay! Mods! I have over a decade of experience playing the base game (including the expansions), and I can't wait to turn all of my old quest ideas into real ones and share them, hopefully with no issues, but unlikely.

My modding adventures have thus led me to the Nexus, a site I've heard strange and mysterious stories about around a virtual campfire in Second Life, or semi-nude dance competitions in ESO while waiting for a daedric boss to spawn that I'm not even sure if it ever did, but hey, my character came in second and that's what counts. 

Anyway, I'm here to learn, although between a full-time job and the book I'm working on, my modding proclivity will most likely be hampered, not to mention all the other games I play, who needs sleep anyway?

Whelp, that's just about me.

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