• 20 December 2012 18:38:55

    OpenMW v0.20.0 released!

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    The OpenMW team is proud to announce the release of version 0.20.0! Release packages for Ubuntu are now available via our Launchpad PPA. Release packages for other platforms are available on our Download page. This release brings a near-complete implementation of the dialoque system, visual player race changes in character creation, and many other fixes and improvements.

    Check out WeirdSexy's release video.

    Known Issues:
    • Extreme shaking may occur during cell transitions for some users (enable anti-aliasing as a possible workaround)
    • The disposition implementation is severely broken and will give wrong numbers in many cases
    • Entering a cell containing a Golden Saint model will crash the game
    • A journal regression causes journal updates to not display correctly

    • Implemented all missing dialoque filters
    • Implemented Mercantile skill
    • Implemented Persuasion dialogue
    • Initial implemetation of AI package classes
    • Implemented 2nd layer for Global map
    • Player race now changes visually during character creation
    • Fixed Cell reloading when using teleport doors that link to the same cell
    • Animations now stop when the game is paused
    • Fixed "0 a.m." to display as "12 a.m."
    • Fixed text persisting in the "name" field of the potion/spell creation window
    • Fixed starting date of new games
    • Fixed console window close behavior
    • Fixed container window formatting to better accomodate long item names
    • Fixed some topics not automaticaly being added to the known topic list
    • Fixed automove working despite DisablePlayerControls being set
    • Fixed rest dialogue opening again after resting
    • Fixed double removal of ingredients when creating potions
    • Various engine code and scripting improvements

    Join us!

    The OpenMW team is more then ever searching for new members to join in our project. We are especially in need of Qt developers and testers. But of course all kind of work can be done. If you've been following this project because you love what we're doing, why not visit our forums, sign up and be part of something we all want to see finished.

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