• 6 June 2012 13:24:07

    Tamriel Rebuilt - Sacred East released!

    posted by Zaldiir Mod News

    Sacred East is now available for your enjoyment! Sacred East features some of the most lush terrain seen anywhere on Morrowind to date. With dense jungles, sparkling rivers, and impressive plantations, Sacred East is an adventure into the frontier of a previously-unexplored region: the lands of Great House Indoril. The Indoril may be known as the pious and religious among all the Great Houses, but they are not immune to terror, and it will be up to you to unravel the mysteries plaguing Almalexia's favored, as they call themselves. Prepare yourself for amazement, intrigue, and more than a little cross-country backpacking!

    Sacred East includes an updated version of Telvannis & Antediluvian Secrets, as well as TR_Data (the data files required to play our content!). This release contains faction quests for Antediluvian Secrets, and miscellaneous quests for most settlement areas in Sacred East.

    They have changed the way they bring their releases to the community, so you must delete all previous TR .ESM and .BSA files and replace them with the new versions: TR_Mainland, TR_Data.ESM, and TR_Data.BSA. This way you will not have to keep adding files for each release (up to 9 or 10 files for a single mod!), and instead simply replace the old file with the new one of the exact same name.

    The mod can be downloaded right here on the Nexus!

    Want to join the Tamriel Rebuilt team? Check out their website!

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