• 17 October 2011 11:41:27

    Nexus Mod Manager entering phase 2 of release

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Back in September I officially announced the work we've been doing on a Nexus Mod Manager.

    To recap, we will soon be releasing a Nexus Mod Manager that expands and improves upon the current OBMM and FOMM offerings. On top of the mod managing capabilities you expect, the Nexus Mod Manager will integrate with the sites, allowing you to one-click download and install from the sites themselves through the manager. And what's more, it's free, advertisement free, and completely open source.

    We have been in a state of closed beta for over a month now with help from a select few mod authors in the community, and we are very close to entering phase 2 of our release schedule. In phase 2 we will be offering support for Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, and we are going to be opening up the beta to everyone with access to the mod author forums. We're hoping this beta phase will be short so we can go in to an open beta, for everyone, soon afterwards. However, that will depend on the feedback provided and the number and severity of the bugs found!

    The mod author forums (announcement article) are private forums for the mod authors of the Nexus sites to come together and talk about anything they want. It is open to any mod authors who have over 1,000 unique downloads to their name on a Nexus site, and there are currently close to 7,000 members who have access to them. It's been a really helpful source of feedback for me, and a few mod authors have told me how nice it is to be able to communicate with each other through the private forums.

    While the Mod Manager does not currently support Morrowind, the Dragon Age games or the Witcher games (or Skyrim...obviously!) we are planning to support every game we have a Nexus site for. It'll just take a little while longer as we work to improve the software while expanding its compatible games. Having said that, we hope to get Skyrim support out the door as soon as possible so the Skyrim modding experience can be as simple as can be. Bear in mind that we are releasing the source code for the mod manager under a copy-left GPL license, so if you're a budding C# programmer and think you can help us bring modding support to one of the Nexus site games then feel free to get in contact with me and we can chat.

    As always, I'll be back with more updates when I have more information.

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