• 6 June 2011 22:01:09

    7 minutes of Skyrim footage from GameTrailers/E3 2011

    posted by Galahaut Game News
    GameTrailers has posted the Skyrim "gameplay walkthrough" video Todd Howard showed earlier today. The almost seven minute video shows off various aspects of Skyrim, including...

    • Environments: tundra, nordic ruins/cave, forest, guard tower, etc.
    • Combat, including dragon shouts (knockback, fire breath, lightning storm), dual wielding, archery, sneak attacks, finishing moves, and spellcasting (healing, fire, shock).
    • Dragon combat (unscripted), soul absorption, etc.
    • Bandits, giants, mammoths, and draugr.
    • HUD shows health/magicka/stamina bars at the bottom, compass up top. Gaining a skill brings up level progress bar. Location discovered pop-up also shown.
    • Improved third-person camera & animations.

    Overall there is some impressive footage, though not much truly new information. You can watch the full video on GameTrailers. The quality isn't great but for now it's the best available. Perhaps Bethesda will upload higher quality footage at a later time.

    Skyrim will also be shown Tuesday at 1 PM PST (4 PM EST) on G4TV and Wednesday at 5:00 PM PST (8 PM EST) on IGN.

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