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    New Skyrim information from PlayStation Magazine

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    Bethesda has revealed some new information in the latest issue of PlayStation Magazine. A user on the Bethsoft forums, GT409, has a copy of the issue and has summarized some of the information, though it is a mix of new and old.

    Five Dragon Shouts are described; three have the dragon language names included: Yol Toor (fire breath), Iiz Slen (ice crystals), Strun Bah Qo (lightning storm). The remaining two shouts grant the ability to slow time or move quickly in one direction. Also on the subject of dragons, Bethesda explained that dragons will appear randomly, battles with them will be unscripted, and they can be grounded with injuries.

    The article gives some new information about travel. Horse riding is included, as well as both Oblivion- and Morrowind-style fast travel. Horses are said to be "more detailed" than those in Oblivion and to behave more like real horses.

    As previously revealed to GameInformer, dual wielding is included in Skyrim, but the article elaborates slightly more on that subject. Torches can be wielded in one hand and even used as a weapon. Of course you can use spell/spell, weapon/weapon, weapon/spell or weapon/shield too. Shield/spell was not mentioned (but not ruled out), nor was the "Confused Turtle" (shield/shield).

    Not much new information about the "radiant story" quest system, except that Bethesda felt that some quests in Oblivion felt "too fake." The new system aims to make them feel "more real."

    Three more factions have been confirmed: the Thieves' Guild, College of Winterhold (mages), and Companions (Warriors). Along with the Dark Brotherhood this brings the total number of (confirmed) factions to four.

    Though mentioned before, Bethesda has reiterated that each city will have have its own, unique economy which the player can affect, presumably both negatively and positively. Sabotage is specifically mentioned. On a related note, the player's bounty is now separated out by each of the nine areas. You can be a wanted criminal in one area and a complete unknown in another. Guards will also be less powerful than guards in Oblivion.

    Some final tidbits: 13 different types of ore for crafting, 60,000 lines of recorded dialog (Fallout 3 has "over 40,000"), more voice actors than Oblivion, and hand-to-hand joins the growing collection of removed skills.

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