• 1 June 2011 20:41:03

    Site down-time this evening explained

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    Hi folks,

    We've had a bit of down-time this evening (5pm-8pm GMT). Initially it was thought the network was under a much more potent DDoS attack than the last one but the hosts have managed to get their heads around it and it looks like they have gotten to the bottom of it. It was a DDoS attack of sorts but I'll keep the details secret so I don't give anyone any ideas ;)

    The "good news" is that (unless anyone want to come forward and say to the contrary) this DDoS attack was not directed at us, or the Nexus sites specifically. We were merely collateral damage.

    Another one of those lessons that we learn as we grow. Sorry about the down-time.

    The best way to stay informed when these kind of things happen is to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook, where I post updates on situations when the sites can't be accessed.

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